Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways Visited TÜVASAŞ

Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways TÜVASAŞ Visits Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey to strengthen its railway cooperation among ZFBH coming to Turkey (Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways) General Manager Nijazim Puzic, his delegation TÜVASAŞ (Turkey Wagon Industries Inc.) General Manager Erol Inal the visited.
Turkey stating that they see as their homes in Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways General Manager Nijazim Puzic, expressed their readiness to cooperate with all kinds of partnerships and TÜVASAŞ. Nijaz Puzic, the railway sector has reached a good level and with TÜVASAŞ to produce joint projects and wanted to work together, he said.
the two countries relations of brotherhood that goes back centuries in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey each day stated that a bit more strengthen TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol Inal, in cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways said they wanted to further solidify these ties of brotherhood.
Erol Inal emphasized that they will be honored and happy to share their knowledge and experience in the railway sector with ZFBH and said that the possibilities of mutual cooperation should be investigated and implemented.
After the meeting, ZFBH General Manager Nijaz Puzic and his delegation visited TÜVASAŞ and got information about the activities and projects of the factory.

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