Belgian railway workers went on strike

Belgian railway workers have gone on strike: a new one is added to the strikes of the Belgian Railways Company (SNCB), which has been running for some time. Railway employees say this week will strike more.
Belgian railway workers announced that the new action package was put into practice by the Minister of Development and State Companies Jean-Pascal Labille confirming that the 2018, which is part of the Railways Reform Package, will close the contract with the 1000.
The discontent among the workers of the SNCB has begun to signal that the actions will be carried out more strictly.
Railroad workers, through the union, did not approve the Railways Reform, and for this reason, announced that they will organize frequent strikes during the week.
Tas If we do not act for 1 today, it might be too late tomorrow, fiye said union representatives, who claimed 500 was silently liquidated during the 2018 annually from June last year to June this year.
Within the actions to be taken, train passengers have already been warned about possible voyages or cancellations in the train service.

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