Bayraktepe Ski Center Preparing for Winter Season

Preparing for the Winter Ski Season Bayraktepe: Bayraktepe officers in the Sarıkamış Ski Center, which is one of Turkey's major ski resorts, began preparations for the winter season.

Work has accelerated at the mechanical facilities in the Bayraktepe Ski Center, located among the Sarıçam forests and known for its crystal snow, and in the runways area.

Governor Muhammad Gurbuz, AA correspondent, said in a statement ahead of the winter season before the maintenance of runways and mechanical facilities maintenance and preparation, he said.

Sarikamish for winter tourism with the investment made and indicating the project will be the shining star of Turkey Gurbuz, "Winter context of preparatory work on the tracks 8 and 9 filling and leveling work is done. In addition, other tracks have grass and stone cleaning works by the staff. Mechanical maintenance work for the 3 existing chairlifts is about to be completed. ”

Gürbüz said that the construction of 3 hotels, which are still under construction in the hotels area, is rapidly increasing, “The road to the ski center is paved with a car parking area. We are in an effort to host our local and foreign guests who will come to our district this season in the best way. ”

In Bayraktepe Ski Center, there are 25 slalom and 8 snowboard tracks with a length of 1 kilometers and 2 computer-equipped chairlift facilities capable of carrying 3 thousand people per hour.