President Altepeden Bursalılara double gospel

Mayor Altepeden gave double good news to the people of Bursa: Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe gave good news to the couple at the parliamentary meeting in November. President Altepe announced that both the cable car, which is the symbol of Bursa, and the eastern stage of BursaRay will start after the beginning of the year. The November council meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council was held in the historical building. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who made a monthly assessment, gave the double good news about transportation.
Stating that the cable car will start carrying passengers from the beginning of the year, Mayor Altepe stated that every 19 people can go to Uludağ in 8 seconds. Altepe also said that BursaRay east stage flights will start after the beginning of the year. Noting that the surface works have been completed at the additional 6 stations of the East stage and the final touches have been made regarding the infrastructure, President Altepe said, “Our goal is to start the voyages after the beginning of this year. Friends continue to work towards this goal. I hope we will have put the eastern stage of BursaRay into operation after the beginning of the year ”.
CHP Group in the meeting SözcüSü Osman Ayradilli said, “We should protect Pasha Farm. Do not go out of sight. This is the lung, brand and face of the city, ”he said. Expressing that mussel inspections should also be carried out, Ayradilli was troubled by the absence of boza in Mahfel, which is among the social facilities of the Metropolitan Municipality. Everyone laughed when Altepe said, "The absence of boza made salep sales explode." Mayor Altepe, who also made statements about the opening of the Pasha Farm for development, said that such a thing was definitely not possible.
Stating that they called the relevant ministry and general directorate after the discussions about the Pasha Farm to be opened to development started and that they conveyed their concerns, Mayor Altepe said that as Bursa, they do not want such a thing. Stating that the development of the Pasha Farm was not on the agenda of Bursa, Altepe stated that they did not think to bring this issue to the agenda and said, “We made our warnings on this issue. We gave all the messages to be given. We stated that there is no return for this, it cannot be. If there is a decision to the contrary, we will do what is necessary ”he said. Noting that there was no movement by the ministry or the general directorate after the warning about the Pasha Farm, Mayor Altepe said, “This is a matter not only of the relevant public units but of all Bursa citizens.
If such a step is to be taken, this step to be taken must be approved by the Metropolitan Municipality Council ”. Mayor Altepe also talked about the parking issue on urban tram lines at the meeting. Stating that the departure direction of the tram lines is currently in service and the arrival directions will be activated in the coming days, President Altepe continued his words as follows: “For example, there is only exit on the Altıparmak line at the moment. There will be a landing tomorrow. Therefore, parking will not be possible. The same will be true for the existing Incirli line and other lines. Instead, by building parking lots in suitable places, we will completely solve the parking issue ”.
At the assembly meeting, it was decided that Palestine city of El-Halil and Bursa be brothers. In the session, the implementation zoning plan change regarding the establishment of residential, commercial, park, sports, primary education, municipal service, transformer and RMS-A ​​areas in Panayır District was also approved.

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