The Peace Train Will Go To Selanik in Atatürk

Peace Train Ataturk to go to Thessalonica: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) from Istanbul Atatürk's death year anniversary due to Salonika Atatürk Commemoration and Peace Train 'to edit the time.
9 November 2013 from Istanbul Ispartakule Station On Saturday at 17.00, the ceremony will be held on XNUMX with the participation of the Minister of Health Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, politicians and representatives of non-governmental organizations and journalists.
In the cooperation of Western Thrace Turks Solidarity Association and TCDD, 9-11 will be visited at the house where Atatürk was born in Thessaloniki. On the way back to Western Thrace (Komotini) will come to meet with the Turkish minorities.
Istanbul (Ispartakule) -Selanik-Ispartakule between the train program of the special train as follows:
Ispartakule Station to: 17: 00 (09 November 2013)
Arrival in Uzunkopru: 20: 30
Uzunkopru departure: 21: 30
Pythion (Border Station / Customs) Arrival: 22: 00
Pythion (Border Station / Customs) departure: 23: 00 (10 November 2013)
To Thessaloniki: 07: 00
Thessaloniki departure: 13: 00 (10 November 2013)
Arrival to Komotini: 17: 00 (Komotini)
From 22 to 00
Pythion (Border Gar / Customs) arrival: 00: 30 (11 November 2013)
Pythion (Border Station / Customs) departure: 01: 30
Arrival in Uzunkopru: 02: 00
Uzunkopru departure: 03: 00
Ispartakule Station arrivals: 06: 30.

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