BALO will pull its load from iron

BALO will draw the burden from iron: the new trend will be the rail in international transportation.
You know, there's a saying, 'Everybody goes to Mersin, you go upside down'
For our country this phrase is sitting.
Do you know why?
On the rail, mean the cost advantage for the exporter, mean on time delivery. It snowed, the car didn't have a problem.
This is why the developed countries used rail and seaway rather than international transportation. Then they resorted to the highway and the last resort as an airline.
So how are we?
We have the opposite situation.
The first line of the highway, followed by sea, then the airline finally preferred rail.
So this is an incredible contrast.
Because, Turkey 5 laying the railway in the world. country.
For example, before France '
However, most of the developed countries use the railway in international transport, while the railway has been abandoned to decay especially in the 60 years.
What a pleasure, isn't it?
Why open up the tire wheeled vehicles? In any case, the abandonment of the railway for decay is the greatest shame of the rulers of this country.
Here BALL candidate to change this ill fate of Turkey ...
When you say BALO, don't think the ball is fun.
BALO's opening; 'Great Anatolian Logistics Organizations Joint Stock Company' form.
BALL, Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of an international transport company established under the leadership of the Union.
20 has a capital of £ 1 million. The biggest shareholder of the company is TOBB and Ankara Chamber of Commerce with a share of 15.
In Turkey, the total 93 room and companies that have in common stock, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BCCI's put that money 250 thousand pounds.
Let's say that the center of the company is Izmir.
'Why Izmir?' when I asked; It was because he laid the first railway in Izmir, Turkey.
Whose appetite has raised
Yes, the previous day, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) had a publicity meeting.
Comprehensive information was given about the company.
BTSO Board Member Aytuğ Onur said that BALO was put into service with the participation of 93 chambers and exchanges, under the leadership of TOBB, in December 2011. kazanHe drew attention to the importance of the project by saying that the railway will come to the fore in international transportation and that the industrialists will gain competitive power on this occasion.
BALO General Manager Hussein section here, gave information about the company.
According to the information, 20 million pounds founded the company, the first time, a ceremony held in Germany last September, Munich, Germany, and has been working at full capacity.
Moreover, there are a lot of people who want to be a shareholder.
Even the European giants even queued to become partners were expressed by the General Director.
Well, I care a lot about this.
So the right project gets what it deserves with the right move.
Let me give you another detail.
The company will not buy the product directly from the industrialists and will cooperate with the logistics companies.
Therefore, it will work as a complement to the logistics companies, not the rival.
Currently Turkey's variety of products collected from the containers, the port of Tekirdag, is sailing from there to Europe.
Another very important detail;
Now plying Munich BALL, by launching the Viking line next year, North Turkish products transport to European countries and plans to bring to Turkey and then to the importer of the product.
One more note:
In 2016, the Gul Train, which will be named after President Abdullah Gul, will start its Pakistan campaign and take Turkish products to that geography.
The target is really big, right?
The big goals can only be reached with great thinkers.
I hope that the railway with BALO also defeats the fortune.
I also hope that BALO will be beneficial to Turkish logistics sector and Turkish exporter.
'Heavy load' I say.
When you say heavy ...
What do I mean by that?

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