Eurasia Tunnel to unite from the land

The Eurasia tunnel will also be united from the land: the Eurasia Highway tunnel, which is laid at 2011 and is planned to be completed at 2015, will have two floors, one arrival and one arrival. Only cars and vans will pass through the tunnel.
At the opening of Marmaray, the Prime Minister's speech “Brother to Marmaray kazanThe Eurasia Tunnel Project, which he pointed out with the words “We will continue to work on it”, is advancing at full speed. The tunnel, which connects the two sides at a depth of 106 meters, is planned to be opened in 2015. With the tunnel, the distance between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe will take 15 minutes by car.
Following the opening of Marmaray, which provides railway transportation between Asia and Europe under the Bosphorus, eyes were turned to the Eurasia Tunnel Project, which will connect the two continents by road. Prime Minister Erdogan, at the opening ceremony of Marmaray the previous day, "Brother to Marmaray kazanWork on the Eurasia Tunnel Project continues at full speed. With the completion of the 'Bosphorus Highway Crossing Project', which will be built between the Cankurtaran coast and Haydarpaşa within the scope of the project, the foundation of which was laid on February 26, 2011, the travel time between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe will decrease from 100 minutes to 15 minutes. In the project, which will connect the European and Asian sides under the Bosphorus by road, the tunnel that will pass under the seabed will be 5,4 kilometers long. The entire route is 14,6 kilometers. In addition to the highway tunnel, the existing roads to reach the tunnel will also be expanded. The tunnel, which is planned in connection with the two existing bridges crossing the Bosphorus, has been designed in such a way that it will not be affected by adverse weather conditions.
Two-storey tunnel
The project, which aims to alleviate the traffic on the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges, will be constructed as a two-storey highway, one arrival and the other going. The tunnel will be built on the Bosphorus rock by tunneling machine. The ground is excavated with specially designed machines and the daily feed rate is 8-10 meter. The cost of the 5,4 km-long tunnel to be built beneath the sea floor is 1.1 billion dollars. Only cars and vans will be able to cross the tunnel which will be closed to two-wheeled vehicle traffic such as trucks, buses and motorcycles. Tunneling is planned to be 4 dollar + VAT.
Brother of Marmaray
The Marmaray will be the second tube passage of the Bosphorus, and the Eurasia Tunnel is Marmaray's sister project, in the words of Prime Minister Erdoğan. The tunnel that connects the two sides of Istanbul by road this time will pass about 2 kilometers south of Marmaray. The construction, construction and construction of the tunnel built with build-operate-transfer model and the approximate 26 annual operation, Turkish-Korean joint venture, was carried out by Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Corporation. to be done by.
The idea of ​​crossing the Bosphorus to the tunnel was the first time 19. century However, due to the political and technical conditions of the period, it was only in the idea stage. 20. During the 18th century, a large number of highway tunnels were constructed in various parts of the world, similar to the Bosphorus. According to the findings of the Transport Master Plan prepared on behalf of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, a preliminary feasibility study was carried out at 1997 for the “new Bosphorus Pass X. The feasibility results suggested that the tunnel as a 'feasibility maximum solution' of a highway tunnel.
Nippon Koei Co. in the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 2005. Ltd. The company had a feasibility study on the route options for the new tunnel passage. Considering the existing two bridges, the location of the planned tunnel in Bosphorus crossings, the lowest investment cost due to the short tunnel length and the sufficient space for the construction of the construction sites and operating facilities (tolls, business building) stand out among the criteria that determine the current route of the project. .
Eurasian Tunnel with Numbers
- Tunnel Bosphorus crossing will be 5,4 km.
- Two collar 106 meters deep.
- The cost of the tunnel is 1,1 billion dollars.
- The total length of the project will be 14,6 km.
-The diameter of the gateway will be 14,5 meters.
Eurasian Tunnel with Numbers
- The Bosphorus crossing of the tunnel will be 5,4 km.
- Two collar 106 meters deep.
- The cost of the tunnel is 1,1 billion dollars.
- The total length of the project will be 14,6 km.
- The diameter of the tube passage will be 14,5 meters.
The longest tunnel in Japan
Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, New York (1950) Length: 2 thousand 779 meters
- Holland Tunnel, New York (1927) Length: 2 thousand 608 meters
- Queens-Midtown Tunnel, New York (1940) Length: 1955 meters
Lincoln Tunnel, New York (1957) Length: 28 kilometers
- SMART Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur (2007) Length: 9 thousand 700 meters
Seikan Tunnel, Japan (1988) Length: 54 kilometers
- Channel tunnel; England - France Length: 51 kilometers.

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