Archaeologists Association: We are not the scapegoat of Marmaras

Archaeologists Association: We are not a scapegoat of Marmaras. The discourse of AY archaeological excavations caused by the different stages of the project caused the project's 5 year delay olduğ is repeated once again at the Marmaray Yenikapı station on a sign with the logo of TCDD, AYEM and Ministry of Transport. press release.
In the press release, it is stated that 3 kü 6 monthly working time is the main reason of delay, due to the lack of sufficient studies in the known districts of Istanbul as Üsküdar, Sirkeci and Yenikapı within the scope of Marmaray Project.
63 of the Constitution. in the state; the responsibility to ensure the protection of history, culture and natural assets and values ​​and to take supportive and encouraging measures for this purpose; the duties of the excavators and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism within the framework of the duties determined by the laws; In the project, it is stated that one of the most successful archeological excavations of recent years has been carried out by archaeologists working three shifts for a long time.
The statement, the Marmaray Project not only facilitates the daily life of Istanbul residents, but also the fact that archaeological works are instrumental in making a great contribution to the cultural heritage will make the project more meaningful in social memory.

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