Weather in Ankara

The air-conditioned period starts in Ankara: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is putting air conditioners on Ankaray trains. 22 centimeter thin air conditioners will provide the heat balance in trains.
Ankaray trains serving in separate stations in 11 between Dikimevi-AŞTİ will be equipped with air conditioners and heat balance will be provided for the underground trips of the Capitals. Due to the opening of the tunnels in the vehicle size, air conditioners cannot be installed. Investments of the Metropolitan Municipality EGO Rail Systems Department can be reduced to 22 centimeters with the help of engineers and air conditioners that will be installed in vehicles, will provide comfort to the passengers of the capital.
EGO officials recalled that this air conditioning system was not available before, '33 trains in Ankaray will provide 132 air conditioners. The air conditioners will be fully automated by calculating the optimum temperature within the vehicle according to the air temperature. In this way, the airways and noise will be prevented from the windows of the trains that are continuously in open position. Bulunan The installation of air conditioners on trains has started and test drives have been carried out, officials said, with the completion of the work for a long time the problem of uncomplicated travel in Ankaray said will be resolved.

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