Ankara subways and Ankara-Istanbul HRC will be launched next year (Video)

Ankara subways and Ankara-Istanbul YHT will be put into service next year: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım stated that the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line will be put into service in the first months of the next year, and said, "Marta may not go, it may open in February."
Yıldırım made a presentation at the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee on the 2014 budget of his ministry.
Reminding that TCDD General Directorate was restructured in the direction of liberalization, Yıldırım gave information about the state of the railways. Yildirim, Turkey's expressed that they aim to provide full integration with its neighbors.
Reminding that Marmaray was put into service on October 29, Yıldırım said that this project was both a prestige and a solution to the traffic problem of Istanbul.
Yıldırım, who also gave information about the High Speed ​​Train lines, said, "We will connect 15 provinces that cover a large part of the population with a fast, high-speed, normal railway line in the next 5 years."
Explaining that they started testing on some of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line, Yıldırım said, “We will open Ankara-Istanbul in the first months of next year. Especially on the route between Bozüyük and Sakarya, there are landslides and we are experiencing many difficulties. there were landslides, we had to do things from scratch. Hopefully in the first months of next year, maybe February, March… Marta may not go and open in February. Testing of these takes a little longer. Vezirhan-Köseköy, Pamukova, Mekece, Sakarya pass… The road is mainly viaducts. We have a little difficulty, but we are at the end of the job, ”he said.
Stating that the works on the Ankara-Sivas line are continuing, Yıldırım stated that the tender will be held for the Yenişehir-Bilecik line until the end of this year. “The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Project will be activated by the end of next year at the latest. It is a project run by 3 countries together. It is not enough to be completed unilaterally ”.
- "We will establish a National Signal System"
Minister Yıldırım stressed the need for more efficient use of railways, and that the number of vehicles on the highways is increasing, and that the use of railways in terms of environment and safety is more important.
Stating that they renewed 65 thousand 7 kilometers, corresponding to 750 percent of the railways, Yıldırım drew attention to the lack of signaling and electrification of the railways and that they took steps towards solving these problems.
Stating that they decided to develop the National Signal System and determined a route for it, Yıldırım said that this system was established in cooperation with TÜBİTAK, TCDD and Istanbul Technical University in an area of ​​21 stations and 338 kilometers between Afyonkarahisar-Denizli-Isparta, and the tests in Sakarya were successful, He noted that this application will be done.
- "Ankara subways will be put into service next year"
Referring to the metro works in Ankara, Binali Yıldırım said, “We will open two lines in early 2014. Kızılay-Çayyolu and Sincan-Batıkent lines. Keçiören-Tandoğan line will be finished in mid-2014 ”.
Stating that the construction of logistics centers, Yildirim said the 19 logistics center was built. Yıldırım said that new ships were built for the crossings of Lake Van and that the first ship will be activated by the end of next year. Yıldırım said that the ferries would be put into service at the end of the year.
The licensing of road vehicles carrying dangerous cargo is being done abroad, but it is now reminiscent of the fact that the TSE Lightning, this way, 100 million euros will be saved, he noted.
- "We have handled the ticket prices"
Pointing out that the new airport to be built in Istanbul was tendered in May and could be the largest in the world when it is completed, Yıldırım also answered the question of the commission members whether other airports in Istanbul will be closed if the new airport is activated. Yıldırım said, “No, it will not be closed. The city will continue as an airport. "The scheduled flights will be reserved for unscheduled flights, scheduled flights will go to the new airport," he said.
Upon CHP Deputy Mevlüt Aslanoğlu stated that plane ticket prices were high, Minister Yıldırım said, “We took it in hand,” he said. Aslanoğlu said, "Shall I open a banner saying (Kazıkçı Turkish Airlines)?" used the expression.
Yildirim said that the terminals of some of the existing airports have been renewed and gave the following information on other projects:
“Hakkari Airport's construction continues. ORGI has also recovered. Kars Terminal is finished. Additional facilities of Mardin, Balıkesir Koca Seyit Terminal and Konya Terminal will be completed in 2014. Diyarbakır Airport at the end of 2014. Van Ferit Melen will also be completed in 2014. We wanted to finish Hakkari Airport in 2013, but we had a problem due to contractor subcontractors, and there was also a security problem. Now it has accelerated. The studies we will start in 2014 are Sinop Airport terminal building, Çanakkale, Muş, Balıkesir center. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport domestic terminal building is built on an area of ​​approximately 300 thousand square meters. We aim to finish at the end of this year. Thus, we will achieve a serious capacity increase. Çukurova Airport continues to be built with the BOT model. "
- Ship Traffic Management System becomes widespread
Lightning had difficulty explaining Turkey's satellite at full capacity to meet that demand and work, in February next year from satellites 4a, 4b they jumped in May, reported that the continued operation of domestic satellite.
Explaining that the construction of Çandarlı Port is continuing, Yıldırım stated that Filyos Port was included in the investment program and that they will start their works next year.
Despite the crisis in Turkey, with 90 percent of the world fleet of ships from 30 countries that make up the total capacity noted that # 13 Lightning, pointed out that the continued increase in cruise tourism.
He said that the Vessel Traffic Management System will be established in Izmir, Mersin-Iskenderun and Izmit after Istanbul.
Minister Yıldırım said, “Turkish ships had a bad record, they were on the black list, they could not leave our ports. It's currently at the top of the whitelist. Seventeen of a hundred ships were held in ports. Currently third, with an average of 17. There is a world average of up to 7 percent. 5,6 ships were detained for a year, previously this number was 13 ”.
Inland especially Lightning stating that they make boats to improve transportation for the reservoir, creating a fund of environmental disasters by establishing a national of Turkish insurance company will cover damages, so he said he would get rid of give money to Turkey's foreign reinsurance companies.
Minister Yildirim, the 10 10,5 in the 47 year-over-year banking sector has shown a growth of XNUMX billion pounds, said the investments did not fall much over the years.
- "(By fixed phone) We have an emotional connection"
Turkey's monthly 323 minutes, indicating that Europe is the first mobile phone call duration Lightning, but expressed that there is a decline in the number of fixed subscribers, "Now we do not even use it in the house. Inside the house, from room to room, children talk on their cell phones. However, we still cannot afford to take that fixed phone out of the house. We think it would be beneficial for him to stay at home, as we also have an emotional bond. There are ways to prevent the fall. It is necessary to achieve fixed-mobile convergence. Companies should invest in this to prevent this decline ”.
Noting that they facilitated the transition between operators and reduced the interconnection fee, Yıldırım pointed out that 69 million of 62 million mobile phone subscribers carry 483 thousand numbers of fixed subscribers. Yıldırım said, “We are the cheapest. After us the cheapest Portugal. revenue per subscriber to 9,89 euros in Turkey, "he said.
Lightning describing the increasingly mobile's share in broadband usage, when citizens above the age of 66 in Turkey According to data on the use of the internet living in Izmir 102 years old, a citizen of that internet users and also told him that they visit.
Yıldırım also noted that ICANN's first office is in the USA and the second one will be opened in Istanbul.
Budget for the year 2014 at the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee
- Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Yıldırım:
- “The 2014 budget investment allowances is approximately 9 billion TL. When we consider other expenditures, the total budget size is around 22 billion lira. The 2013 budget was 19.1 billion lira. When compared to this, it means an increase of 14,5 percent "
- “2003 billion TL investment was made in the transportation sector in the period 2013-212.5. The investment made by the ministry is 133 billion liras, the investment made by local administrations is 72 billion liras, and the investment made by other public institutions is about 10 billion liras.
TBMM (AA) - Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, said that the investment allowances of the 2014 budget was approximately 9 billion TL, and that the total budget size was around 22 billion TL when other expenditures were taken into account. Yıldırım said: “2013 budget was 19.1 billion lira. When compared to this, it means an increase of 14,5 percent ”.
Making a presentation on the 2014 Budget of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and its affiliated organizations at the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee, Yıldırım stated that they started to work on 18 November 2002 and are now 11th year, contributing to the development of the country, increasing the living standards of the people, He said that they continue their activities in the fields of transportation, communication and maritime without leaving today's business to tomorrow in order to present them to the country in a fair and accessible way for all.
Turkey voicing of tomorrow must be better than today Yildirim noted that they had acted in this consciousness 11 years. Yıldırım stated that the crisis that started in America and spread to Europe made the financing of global trade difficult and this was reflected in transportation and communication.
Yıldırım stated that 87% of global transportation is carried out by sea, and that the sea trade is negatively experienced, and countries in the crisis and those who are not are paying the same price.
Stating that the investment appropriations of the 2014 budget were approximately 9 billion TL, Yıldırım said, “When we consider the other expenditures, the total budget size is around 22 billion TL. The 2013 budget was 19.1 billion lira. When compared to this, it means an increase of 14,5 percent "
Expressing that the budget allocation of the General Directorate of Highways increased from 2013 billion lira in 6,9 to 2014 billion lira in 7.1, Yıldırım said that since 2007, work has been done on the allocations determined by the budget on highways.
Stating that he found the budget of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation modest, Yıldırım noted that the current budget of the general directorate is 25 million 174 thousand TL and that there is an increase of 16.44 percent.
Information Technology and Communication Authority (BTK) budget last year while 1,5 billion pounds this year 1,8 billion pounds have risen Yildirim, said the increase is 18 percent.
Lightning striking Turkey is a crossroads of transport, especially in Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, for many years due to the presence in the midst of regions such as Africa reported that awareness of this important strategic position. It said around 1,5 billion population, explaining that the annual gross domestic product of over $ 26 trillion Lightning, "This is a big market in Turkey is one of the easiest countries reach the fastest. It is possible to reach more than 3 countries with 50 hours flight ”.
- "2003 billion lira investment in the period of 2013-212.5"
Transportation sector 2003-2013 212.5 billion liras in the investment realized that attract attention striking Lightning, the investment of the ministry 133 billion pounds, the local government investment 72 billion pounds, other public institutions, the investment is around 10 billion pounds, he said.
Emphasizing that most of the investments in the communication sector are carried out by the private sector, Yıldırım stated that 58 percent are invested by the private sector, 41 percent by the ministry, and 1 percent by other organizations and small businesses.
- "47 billion lira project has been contracted with public-private partnership"
The last 11 annually announced that the 47 billion-pound project was linked to the contract with the public-private partnership, and that the 6 billion-pound portion was completed, while the remaining part continued.
297 on the highway, 52 on the rail, 47 on the rail, 49 on the maritime, 15 on the 460 project, 3 on the 898 sub-project, indicating that the total projection, total amount of 184,5 billion pounds, the total amount of 98,2 billion pounds have occurred, the remaining part 86 is a billion pounds, projects expressed that 6 will be completed annually.
Pointing out that the transportation and communication sector is very important for the development and economic development of a country, Yıldırım said, “It is not trade in itself. "Although an economic return is not direct, the most important feature of this sector is a tool for the development of the country's economy and increasing social living standards."
Transportation sector is the share of GDP in 2003 to 13,7 today voicing rose to 15.3 this rate Yildirim, Turkey's economy grows, the growth of transport investment in 2003, reported that the total investment of 0.45 percent compared to the OECD scale of 1 percent to be.
Yıldırım said that the 2013 10 1,5 531 million vehicles and 568 bin XNUMX has been issued a license in XNUMX.
The total number of companies engaged in road transport stated that the Lightning 44 357 thousand, the number of vehicles around the 90 600 thousand, the number of passengers carried annually, he said 1 417 million billion.
Lightning stating that public-private partnerships with 270 40 million vehicle inspection station on the place, that the roadside inspection station established 75, 10 27 million per month, he said the vehicle's weight and size control is made.
Pointing out that the reason for the decrease in some of the export transports of Turkish transporters compared to the border gates is due to internal disturbances and crisis, Yıldırım explained that in 10 months of this year, international transportation increased 2003 percent from 166 thousand 393 to 700 million 1 thousand 46. Stating that the foreign trade of this continues to increase, Yıldırım said that the multi-transport document relieves foreign trade. Stating that there were 831 quotas in 2003 and the number of documents used was 141, Yıldırım stated that as of this year, the quota increased to 531 and the number of documents used to 538 thousand 3. Stating that they are fighting very seriously for this, Yıldırım said, “We have the biggest fleet in Europe. After us come Russians and Germans. Currently Turkey, the region has become the country with the most UBAK document. This number will increase even more next year, ”he said.
- "107 million lira was paid for 500 thousand scrap vehicles"
Yildirim, 1990 and older models of 107 thousand vehicles to the right owner of the 500 million pounds were paid.
Stating that the road network has reached 65 thousand 627 kilometers, said that now in Turkey, 12 thousand 573 kilometers in length from 8 international road corridors.
Minister Yildirim, Turkey has continued to grow, the need to increase the quantity and quality of roads, said the need to increase infrastructure investment to boost supply in the coming years to the eastern and southeastern regions.
- "Eurasia Tunnel will be completed in May 2015"
Providing information about the projects carried out with the BOT model, Yıldırım stated that the works on the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge are continuing rapidly and it will be the bridge with the widest platform in the world. Yıldırım stated that the Eurasia Tunnel Project, which continues a total of 14,5 kilometers under the sea and underground, will be completed in May 2015.
Minister Yıldırım: In February, high-speed train services can begin.



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