Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Passed Mudurnuyu

Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Passed Mudurnuyu: The stops of the high-speed train, which would pass from Ankara to Istanbul to 1 and a half hour and pass through Mudurnu, were determined. However, the list of stops within the Mudurnu gone, Mudurnulu on the move. Mayor of Mudurnu Mehmet Inegol wrote a letter requesting support from all bureaucrats and politicians.
The stops in the high speed train project, which will reduce the transportation between Ankara and Istanbul to one and a half hours, were determined. Although there was a common point between Beypazarı and Sakarya-Kocaeli amongst the stops, Mudurnu was not included in the stall list. Then Mudurnu Mayor Mehmet Inegol called the deputies, bureaucrats and political party representatives.
Mudurnu Mayor Mehmet Inegol drew attention to the importance of putting a stop in Mudurnu for the district and our province. Inegol sent a saddle to all bureaucrats and politicians in the following statements:
Yapılmış Ankara Sincan Beypazarı Çayırhan Mudurnu Sakarya Kocaeli Meetings about EIA were held at the Ankara Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in our district about the Istanbul high-speed train.
A presentation was made regarding high-speed train in Turkey for the first time 350 km / hr is a work to be done, the purpose of the Ankara-Istanbul path to fold 1,5 hours, 2 between Beypazari the station and Sakarya, Kocaeli. The establishment of a station is indicated.
Bolu as promised and the only station in this project is not Bolu Bolu, the departure of the train from Ankara 90. kilometers in the district of Beypazarı in Ankara 1. After the break in the station, 225 2 at the midpoint of Sakarya Kocaeli after the 90 km. Because it is an airport in Ankara, it is easy for Beypazarı to reach both the airport and the train station at 200 km. In order to reach the airport or train station in Bolu province, 250 km should go to Ankara in the direction of Ankara and XNUMX should travel in the direction of Istanbul. Bolu, Kartalkaya, Abant and Gölcük tourism centers with high recognition, existing and existing thermal facilities, Tokad-i Hayrettin, Akşemseddin Hz., Sheikh-ül İmran, Fahrettin Rumi, Abdurrahim Trouser with values ​​such as faith tourism, winter tourism There are many different types of tourism such as highland tourism, Abant İzzet Baysal University, being a student city and having a high potential in the West Black Sea provinces.
From Ankara, 133 and 170 km, there is a train line from the 43 km section in the Mudurnu district. The line between 140 and 146 km is located at 7-10 km from Mudurnu town center. Our neighborhood located in the transition area of ​​7 km to our district is engaged in agriculture and aviation (chicken coops and cattle). In order to prevent environmental impact, soil sets, soundproof steel panels suitable for the nature that will not disturb the image, natural planted to avoid interruption of the eastern and western nature of wild animals in nature, environmental precautions should be taken. Our governorship, deputies, political party presidents, non-governmental organizations and the press give the necessary sensitivity and it is important for our city and our region to ensure that the high-speed train station is put into the project.

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