Alstom is interested in high-speed train and nuclear

Alstom is interested in high-speed trains and nucleating: Alstom CEO Patrick Kron, as well as high-speed train tender in Turkey said they are interested in supplying the turbines for energy production leg of the nuclear power plant project.
Investment Advisory Council of Alstom's Kron reporters during a meeting with Turkey in the coming period, answering questions about their plans, "We are interested Express train. In addition to transportation, we are looking at the energy market for nuclear, hydro and wind power plants. ”
indicating that one-third of all the world's nuclear turbines supplied by Alstom Kron, said that under the deal with turbine power generation part of the nuclear power plant projects in Turkey. "We are planning a partnership with a local company for the production of spark plug frames for trains," said Kron.
Alstom President of Turkey, according to information provided by Adil Tekin, Alstom in this context Durmazlar Signed a preliminary agreement with Duray Transportation Systems within the Holding. Kron, stating that they welcomed the government's focus on infrastructure projects in Turkey; He said that what is needed is that the competitive factor in tenders is not measured only by price.
Kron said, “Taking into consideration the technical capacity in measuring the competitiveness needed. "The one that gives the cheapest price may not always be good."

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