German Railways (DB) competes for routes with competitors

German Railways (DB) competes with rivals for routes: German Railways (DB) short-haul company DB Regio AG is restoring railway lines to rivals in Bavaria kazantargeting May. Norbert Klimt, Head of Finance at DB Regio, said: “This is a good opportunity for us.” made a statement.
According to the news of Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, the Bavarian Railway Company (BEG), which was established in 1995 and undertook the tasks of planning and coordinating the short-distance lines, has also opened the lines to the tender, contracting with the companies for a certain period and increasing the competition in the market.
Agilis, among the rivals of the DB, has taken Regensburg's railway route. From mid-December, the company Veolia is expected to use the route from Munich and Roseinheim to Salzburg and Kufstein. Until the 2023 year in Bavaria, all lines will be re-auctioned.

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  1. DB Regio AG / Inc. I hope you can't get these lines again !!! For decades he neglected these lines, who thought he had made so-called transportation with scrap piles. Regional transport companies established by the regional city municipalities with small private enterprises, the most modern small transportation systems and the number of smart voyages; These lines are actually not dead, on the contrary proved that the customer was disgusted. Now on the shoulders of the father's help bag, the semi-official gentlemen suddenly discover these lines again. But somehow after seeing how it should be operated and learning, öğ Actually, let the competition show its healthy effect! However, first, competitors must become competitive. Or it will only be David and Goliat's war.