Akçatepeye Cable Car Project

Akçatepeye Ropeway Project I will do: Ahmet Güner, who noted that he was being nominated due to the intense desire and desire of the people, told that he was equipped and ready.

Blew: Mr. Day is March 30 2014 history in Turkey, there Trabzon'umuzda in Akcaabat and local elections. People will determine the cities, cities and cities. First of all, let's say that you are a good bureaucrat, you are a good technical man, the political thought is heavier?

Ahmet Güner: 32 years I worked at Iller Bank which is affiliated to Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Iller Bank, an institution that makes all kinds of projects that you think of municipalities. I just want to use my knowledge and experience in Iller Bank where I have been born and grew. I was born here and I was born here. I want to do something here.

sunshine: As far as I know, such opportunities were offered before you. During the reign of Mustafa Cumur. Why didn't you come here, then?

Ahmet Güner: Then again in the 2009 was the pressure on me, to become a candidate. But they also announced the island early. I didn't resign this time when the late Cumur explained to a friend of mine that I valued my classmate, my family friend. I was with that friend of mine. I walked with him. My late father also told me not to resign. That's what I was thinking. I was with him and I supported him. Since then, we had thought. Some things later, things you knew.

sunshine: So this time you call me a nomination period?

Ahmet Güner: I can no longer escape responsibility because.

Daycare: What is this responsibility? So people say you're okay?

Ahmet Güner: Yes, you know you know this job. You say you're in it, you're a projector, he says you have projects, for me. In fact, I have very beautiful projects in my mind. I've been nominated here to implement these projects.

Now you have 4-5 files in your hands. We don't have the status to include these 4-5 files on our pages at this time. Can you tell us one mega project? What are you going to do to Akçaabat in mega sense?

Ahmet Güner: Now there is one thing I always think about. Single-storey buildings between the road and the stream on the left-hand side when you deviate to Düzköy road. There are ruined buildings, sand quarries. So there is a very ugly image. There's image contamination. For me, citizens are also taken to another place without being victimized. Already have a small industrial site above I have also visited my friends there they want them to come there. I have visited the following also they say we have a recreation area project to get out of here.

sunday: Now you have started without a candidate, did you carry out such projects there?

Ahmet Güner: No, I'm listening to your friends' problems. I mean the place across from Hachkali Baba State Hospital.

You will make a new zoning arrangement.

Ahmet Güner: The recreation area is completely demolished and the rate of recreation is called green field with tea garden, cage, walking park, sitting groups, bicycle riding place, beautiful bridges from the top of the wooden beautiful when we take this project, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization gives it to.

sundown: So the creek is clean? Is it clean?

Ahmet Güner: Yes, yes. I personally made the sewage project myself. My own, taa Çayırbağı'ndan 32 km will come. I have so many projects that I have done. So her project was certified. There are countless projects to make sure that the river is not polluted if it is done. Akçaköy or something, if we enter them, we don't have time. Now I'm planning to make a recreation area as I said. For example, the project has a facility above the height of 715 Akçatepe'ya now has a municipality. Thinking about the ropeway project.

Günebakış: Akçaabat between Akçatepe cable car feasibility, so you can attract as many tourists?

Ahmet Güner: Local and foreign tourists have natural beauty. Our population is 120 bin.

Daylight: Trabzon 300 bin. Trabzon Municipality could not trust himself could not start between Boztepe and Meydan.

Ahmet Güner: He will do, Mr. Gümrükçüoğlu's in the program. I believe that he will do a ropeway project and postpone it because there is no priority. When I say cable car, my organization will call my party or assembly, let's take it to fifth place. For example, women's tavern now seen the Tuesday market when it snows when it rains, women are so wet. I would like to make a beautiful ambiance where women of all kinds can work in Ayşe, women with Ayşe ninem and watch TV, read newspapers and drink tea.

Günebakış: Do you have serious deficiencies in Akçaabat or do you want better?

Ahmet Güner: Look Akçaabat car parking problem. You have the parking problem you have seen. In fact, we can't go inside Akçaabat with our vehicle. Inonu Street should be closed to traffic once. Just like Long Street. If you can walk around Uzun Sokak easily, this place will be more modern. It should be a place where people can walk and shop more easily. I'm also thinking about doing this, so there's a lot of parking lots there.

günebakış: Yes, we will not enter into projects if we enter the position in the bottom of a race in Akçaabat or a very nice dialogue with him in a conversation is evaluated how do you evaluate the status of candidates?

Ahmet Guner: Candidate candidates are more than good I think. It may be because if our people think that who can do this job better, who is worthy of this, if we are worthy of the favor of our people, the favor of our people, and consequently our prime minister, one of those candidates who will point to one of us, if we are our candidate, I respect with respect. His decision to have a lot of people, the people of Akçaabat are truly conscious and know well who to vote for. She knows who can do it better. I respect the decision of my people. I'm not afraid of diversity.

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