Ephesus-Selcuk Tramway Project from Candidate Candidate Candidate

Efes-Selçuk Tramway Project from AK Party Candidate Candidate: Ak Party Selçuk Mayor Candidate Candidate Halil Düztaş explains his very ambitious projects one by one. Düztaş pointed out to the district professionally that he has projects that will remove Selçuk from the village status with his party assigning him a task. kazanAk Party Selçuk Mayor Candidate Candidate Halil Düztaş said that he was happy to present his projects, which will continue to work, to his fellow countrymen. Therefore, I am willing to do this task with my accumulated experience. When we take office, honesty and justice will be at the forefront. We will serve everyone equally. First of all, we will identify the priority problems of our citizens and go to the solution of these problems," he said.
Expressing that they attach importance to social responsibility projects; . If our party nominates our friend, we work together with our friend until the end, we get the elections. I believe that we will take these elections in Selcuk with the AK Party. Our ropeway project will be the lifeblood of Selcuk tourism. Our project will be carried out by em build, operate, transfer or sponsors. Ad He said. We will partner with all needs and problems.
It will be our first priority to make our lives easier by contributing to our lives with on-site service for our disabled. In all the activities of our municipality, our disabled citizens will be among our priority guests. Iz said. We will build mini facilities where our people will find the opportunity to do sports. In addition, we will establish a nostalgic tram line extending to Ephesus in the middle of Dutlu Yol and will bring Ephesus together with Selcuk Ayrıca.

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