Veteran Locomotive Wedding Photographs at Adana Station Have Been Favorite

All About Adana Train Station
All About Adana Train Station

The locomotive of the veteran locomotive at the Adana station became the favorite venue for the wedding photos: In Adana, the steam locomotive that decorated the front of the train station after many years of service has become the venue of the newly married couples who want to immortalize their happiest days with photos - “Photo historical owner İlbaysözlü: we also use the veteran locomotive intensely ”

The veteran locomotive placed in front of the train station became the favorite of wedding photos.
Newly married couples in Adana, where modern buildings have become symbolic as well as historical places in different points of the city, leave memories of new generations with the photos taken in front of the steam locomotive built in 1929.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 60 years serving veteran locomotive, greets citizens for many years in front of the station building itself as history testifies. The locomotive, which has become one of the favorite places of the photographers, is especially preferred in wedding photography.

Mehmet İlbaysözlü, the owner of the photography studio, said that the married couples are no longer just taking their wedding photos in the studio.

Stating that Adana is a natural studio for photographers with its historical texture, İlbaysözlü stated that they used historical locomotives as a backdrop for their wedding photographs as well as historical places in the city center.

Stating that the couples are in search of saving their weddings from mediocrity and leaving good memories to their children, İlbaysözlü said, “The other name of the external attraction is nature attraction. Many of our couples have preferred historical textures, stone walls and wooden houses rather than the green area in recent years. Even some of our couples are shooting in ruined buildings, which they think are historical, ”he said.

İlbaysözlü pointed out that Adana, which dates back to the Ramazanoğulları Principality, is a unique place for nature shots with its historical buildings and continued as follows:

“Adana, which has richnesses such as Stone Bridge, old Tepebağ houses, Cinema Museum, Bosnalı Hotel, Ramazanoğlu Mansion, Ulu Mosque Complex, is almost a natural photography studio. Couples who want to feel special, get an idea about the place by looking at films, documentaries or catalogs dealing with historical subjects. We take photos in historical buildings in Adana and its surrounding according to the demands of the married couples. In addition to historical places, we also use the veteran locomotive in wedding photographs. Many couples immortalize their happy moments in the photos we take using the locomotive fund. - AA

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