According to Deputy Şeker, it does not matter where the last stop of YHT is

According to Deputy Şeker, it is unimportant where the last stop of YHT is: Kocaeli deputy İlyas Şeker was indifferent to Gebze, describing the shifting of YHT's last stop to Pendik as an unimportant situation. Gebze public opinion asks Şeker: Since it is insignificant where its last stop is, why did Istanbul take Pendik to its last stop with pressure?
High Speed ​​Train's last stop to be taken to Pendik and Marmaray's Gebze foot about the news brought to the agenda of the newspaper on the AK Party Kocaeli deputy Ilyas Sugar came a surprising explanation. Sugar, Gebze'dan moved to the last stop in Gebze is an insignificant situation, revealing the insensitivity to Gebze. Being one of the distant names of our region, Şeker has been criticized by its indifference to a subject that is of vital importance to Gebze.
Sugar Sinoplular Association visited the weekend, citizens answered questions about the high-speed train. Responsible for the news about YHT in our newspaper and responds to the injustice made to Gebze, responding to the Sugar, 'The last stop of the high-speed train Gebze or Pendik difference. As a result, Train will stop at Gebze. Not a very important issue, should not exaggerate. Konu He said. According to Şeker, who has not yet had any permanent work during the Deputies' period, this problem is a major concern for Şeker, while this statement of Şeker has a cold shower effect. We ask the attorney sugar, since the last stop is irrelevant to what is the location of Istanbul by printing the last stop shifted to Pendik.

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