EU Commission Files Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Post

DB Train Deutsche Bahn
DB Train Deutsche Bahn

📩 13/06/2019 15:47

The EU Commission sued Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Post: the European Union (UN), the German Railways Administration (Deutsche Bahn) and the German Postal Administration (Deutsche Post) sued against the German government on the grounds that they obtained unfair advantage from their close ties with the state. The EU Commission reported that the German Postal Administration gained an advantage over its competitors through the incentives and conveniences granted to it by the government on social payments. The Commission stated that it was requested to make repayments that would eliminate injustice in this regard, but the amount paid was very low, so the matter was moved to the European Court of Justice. The EU estimates that the size of the unfair aid received by Deutsche Post is between 298 million euro and 500 billion euro.

“Contrary to EU law”

Another reason the EU Commission filed against Germany is the "lack of financial transparency" in the railway sector, problems in the recognition of infrastructure investments and incentives.
The Commission argues that this could damage competition and could lead to unfair advantage in favor of the German Railways Administration.

Officials of the German Post Office noted that Brussels' decision caused great confusion. A government sözcüSü, stated that the federal government found the allegations unsubstantiated.

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