Turkish-German Railway Technologies Symposium | Co-Production instead of Buying Made in Germany

Co-Production instead of Buying Made in Germany: Turkish-German Railway organized by the ANADOLU Rail Transport Systems Cluster (ARUS) in collaboration with AHP International GmbH & Co., German Railway Industrialists Association (VDB) and German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry Technologies Symposium and Bilateral Business Negotiations, the parties expressed mutual expectations and evaluated cooperation opportunities. While the German representatives emphasized the importance of the Turkish industry for them, ARUS management expressed the view that instead of “100% German origin Made in Germany”, the option of co-production would benefit, otherwise it would not be able to compete with China.
Turkey's first regional non-; ARUS covering the whole of Turkey, a member continues to events that opened the door to foreign markets. German rail system manufacturers came together with their Turkish colleagues in the organization organized by Swiss Cluster in Ankara Hotel.
Turkish-German Railway Technologies Symposium and Bilateral Business Meetings', which was held on November 5, 2013, included 23 companies from the German Railway Manufacturers Association (VDB) and 120 from ARUS. In the first part of the program, which took place in two separate sections, the capabilities of the Turkish and German railway industries were transferred. German companies also came to the podium one by one and introduced their production and sales organizations and products.
At the symposium and business negotiations where both parties seem willing to cooperate, ARUS Chairman of the Board and Çankaya University Rector. Dr. The words of Ziya Burhanettin Güvenç were carefully noted. Underlining that common steps should be taken against China, Güvenç said, “We are 100 percent German origin; We don't want to buy Made in Germany. Here we want to produce together. Otherwise, who will benefit from this; China said.
Speaking at the opening of the symposium Germany Chief Executive Volker Genetzky Ministry of Economy, over 5 thousand in Turkey pointed out that the German company operates. Stating that the transportation and logistics sector has also grown above average, the German bureaucrat said, “The Turkish government has extremely important policies in terms of investments and development of the transportation sector. Our support continues to find partners for institutions operating in rail systems and to develop collaborations, he said.
Ankara Chamber of Industry, Nurettin Özdebir, Chairman of the Board, said that Başkent has risen to the leadership of the railway. Özdebir noted that Turkey's rapidly growing economy in the world, giving examples of the Marmaray project, kept in touch with developments in the rail system. Stating that railroad transportation, which has been neglected for 80 years, is on the agenda again, President Özdebir said, “The advantages of railway transportation increase the use of the railway every day and oblige it. Accordingly Ankara, Turkey has become the main pile of the railway. Public policies have made Ankara the hub of railway transportation. Nevertheless, the Ankara industry has turned its eyes to the rail transport it has neglected so far. ”
Expressing that non-governmental organizations, especially OSTİM and ARUS, had a big impact on this, Nurettin Özdebir referred to the 51 percent domestic production requirement in the Ankara metro tender. The President of ASO summarized the following: “In our country, they were going to take out the rail vehicles to be built for Ankara; We said, 'We do this.' They said, 'You can't raise this.' We insist on making it ethical and ultimately 51 percent indigenous. This is an important development. ” Özdebir, also pointing to the importance of standardization, "Turkey as it receives from the road and I believe that this integration will increase in coming," he said.
Andreas Weber, Vice President of the German Railway Manufacturers Association (VDB), underlined that their cooperation should be strengthened in the next 10 years. Explaining that bilateral business negotiations are very important, Becker said, “Because we have to build trust. This is possible only by getting to know each other. Güven forms the basis of all kinds of work and work. ” Becker said, “We are an export country. We can offer a lot. Know-how is too much for us; Everyone knows how proficient the Germans are in this regard. We want to continue our friendship with Turkey in this sector. All members of the delegation are particularly concerned with railways. You see for him, you are very important to us. ”
One of the most remarkable statements in the event was the Chairman of the Board of ARUS and Rector of Çankaya University. Dr. Ziya Burhanettin Güvenç sang. Güvenç, who started his words by talking about ARUS's mission, reminded that Germany has the same goals as the association created for rail systems. "We want to produce local brands of high quality, high added value, and whose design is ours." Dr. While doing so, Güvenç gave the message that they are open to international cooperation. Güvenç said, “ARUS members are really talented. Currently, we have companies that are the suppliers of many big brands. 51 percent can easily meet ARUS. We are in an effort to increase our knowledge and skills by making a joint project with the public ”.
The President of ARUS underlined an important point in his speech and expressed his desire to work and produce together with Germany in the sector. Reminiscent of the influence of China on rail systems, Güvenç said, “We are 100 percent German origin; We don't want to buy Made in Germany. Here we want to produce together. Otherwise, who will benefit from this; China. It is not possible for Germany and ARUS to fight China in this geography. However, we can achieve this together. ”
OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın evaluated the state of the rail systems strategy implemented by Germany in his speech. Aydin, "Germany's rail in the name of getting a share of the systems sector in Turkey, just buy side is being strategy and came to Turkey, the public also is directly made a bid in the form of buying towards the strategic cooperation in Turkey due to an error another we saw that it slipped into the region and country. Turkey is not satisfied with this work we always agree. Together we made a decision to fix this error. In this region, if work is to be done, we have shared our thoughts that we need to change and correct some things. By investing in production in cooperation with Turkey and Turkey is always with us enjoy access to this huge market we thought, "he said.
Orhan Aydın continued his speech with the following statement: "Turkey is not the old Turkey. Just let's sell our products to Turkey, where tenders Let us, whether in Germany, we need to remove the mounted Let's thought in Turkey. There are many companies will collaborate in Turkey. Turkey's industrial, technological and production level has reached more than case size will respond to it. Let's take this opportunity together. a promising country for investment in Turkey. Let's create new and correct strategies. Let's compete jointly. ”
OSTİM Technology Inc. Sedat Çelikdoğan, Chairman of the Board, emphasized the impact of branding on the economy. Çelikdoğan, who argues that SMEs cannot develop when the brand does not emerge, said, “If you think that Samsung's export is 176 billion dollars today, this cannot be achieved after it is not a brand. If a brand is a brand that South Korea's interests that Turkey's interests, of course. So there are deficiencies in our road maps. ”
ample opportunities in the railway sector in Turkey is describing Sadat Çelikdog, "Turkey in this field empty. In particular, we worked with a similar cluster of the German government and found that they had the same understanding. Prime Minister, "Turkey made its own tool 'in spite of the passed 2,5 years but could not be removed. This requires a different policy. We are in a position to issue a brand in rail systems ”. Stating that the brand needs the market, Çelikdoğan said briefly: “If a country's economy is 70 percent dependent on exports, that country will collapse. 40-50 percent is good. The best Germans are aware of this. when we arrived in Turkey. We have the market to make a brand. Turkey has announced that the Ministry of Transport and TCDD market in the rail vehicle systems; a huge market. This is a chance for both us and German companies. Turkey comes after China growth. Turkey is growing very fast. The desire to grow is too much. A road map should be created. The entrepreneurial side of the Turkish people is very strong. If there is work anywhere in the world, the Turkish entrepreneur is going, but a German does not. If you are looking for entrepreneurs in Turkey you can find it. "
ABOUT ARUS: 'Rail system is a national lawsuit saying the way, of all the needs of the country's rail transport system can be produced by local industrialists advocating rail transit systems industrialists, together with supporting institutions and organizations' cooperation and unity of power ', met with the belief, Turkey' is the first non-regional cluster covering all of Anatolia. The cluster has 110 members.

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