President Altepeye Honor Award (Video-Photo Gallery)

President Altepeye Honor Award: Mayor Recep Altepe, who signed the services carrying Bursa to the future, was awarded with 'Honor' award by Balkan Rumeli Industrialists and Businessmen Association (BALKANSİAD) for being the leader of the first local tram production.
Balkan Rumeli Industrialists and Businessmen Association (BALKANSİAD) organized by the names and adding value to Bursa '7. Sinerji Meeting and BALKANSİAD 2013 Honorary Awards Ceremony held at Hilton Hotel.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who added value through brand projects, was honored by BALKANSİAD for being the pioneer of the first domestic tram production in Bursa. President Altepe was presented his award by BALKANSIAD President Naci Sahin. Bursa better future to achieve that gives direction to the work with the target and the services offered to the Balkans in this regard as exemplary role assumed by President Altepe, "Bursa steps taken in recent years, Turkey and the Balkans between serves as a bridge. The Balkans are our brothers, our friends. Business people in the Balkans to invest in and to remove the euphoria of the works there, volunteer to remove the importance of the work, "he said.
President Altepe, said he lived in the joy of the award, as it has done so far with the signature of the studies will continue to carry forward in Bursa.
”Local tram production is a revolution in Turkish industry“
On the other hand, President Altepe, BALKANSİAD's first local tram production in Bursa Durmazlar 'Successful Entrepreneur of the Year ödül Durmazlar The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the machine was given to Hüseyin Durmaz. 5 thinks years ago, domestic tram production today Durmazlar President Altepe, who expressed the excitement of his return to reality in Bursa, said: X 5 in Bursa said yıl Bursa will produce its own brands mark Durmazlar Thanks to me. So this award is very meaningful to me. Durmazlarfulfilled our promise with great courage. Every part of the tram from software to production Durmazlar It produced. Domestic tram production is a revolution in the Turkish industry ”. The award ceremony ended with the taking of souvenir photos.



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