Bosnia-speed rail in the locomotive can not go to Turkey on the agenda of hire

Bosnia can not go on rails on the agenda hire fast locomotive of Turkey: Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways has received from Spain 9 locomotives, rails unavailable due to being in poor condition. The locomotives ordered to Talgo company in 2005 can reach speeds of 240 kilometers per hour. However, the current railway line in Bosnia allows a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour. Locomotives were delivered to Bosnia in 2010. However, the investment required for the improvement of the rails could not be made during this period. For the locomotives kept in the warehouse, the products remained when the return period passed. Now, leasing of locomotives to TCDD is on the agenda.
The Minister of Transport and Communications of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Enver Biyediç, stated that the maintenance required for the rails to put the trains into use will cost 5 million Euros. But there was no allowance from the budget for this. Bosnia-Herzegovina also bought Croatia locomotive from Konçar company for 5.3 million Euros. This locomotive broke down in the capital Saraybonsa. The prices of the purchased locomotives have not been paid yet. Minister Biyediic said they would return the train purchased from Croatia.
Bosnians, on the other hand, have to travel by 40-year-old trains. The damage of unsuccessful purchases is also reflected in the ticket fares and tried to be covered from the pockets of citizens. Negotiations are underway for leasing Talgo brand locomotives to TCDD. Bosnia and Herzegovina in the hands of Croatian goods locomotive was renting in Turkey since 1997.

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