3. The foundation of the airport will be thrown in 2014

  1. The foundation of the airport will be laid in 2014: 2014 in 1075 mileage divided road, 950 mileage single-platform road, average daily heavy vehicle traffic will be performed or renewal of the total 4 mileage XMUMX mileage by end of next year on the routes that are over a thousand vehicles.
    The works of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which has been accepted as the “giant investment” and its foundation has been laid, will continue at full speed next year. The foundation of the third airport to be built in Istanbul will also be laid. The Air Transportation General Survey will also be launched in 163, where the total traffic at the airports is expected to increase to 2014 million passengers.
    The arrangement for placing the base station on the immovable will be prepared and the charges will be linked to the tariff.
    Approximately 2 thousand, many of which are not in the East and Southeast Anatolia regions and without electronic communication infrastructure, will be covered by the 500 settlement with no mobile coverage.
    The work on the railway connection of the Çandarlı Port will begin.
    TURKSAT 4B satellite will be sent into space.
    Mobile applications, especially games, software and information technologies will be carried out to support studies.

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