3. Work on the Bosphorus Bridge

  1. Work continues on the Bosphorus Bridge: 3. Explaining about the works at the foot of the Bosphorus Bridge, the 3st District Director of the Highways, İsmail Kartal, who made a statement to the reporters on the leg of the 1rd Bosphorus Bridge, said that the bridge leg will reach 2014 meters towards the middle of 322.
    Expressing that the works started at the end of May progressed rapidly, Kartal said, “We are on the foot on the European side of the Garipçe section. Now we are at the 84th meter. From the sea level, we are at 92 meters. You can see that the towers of our bridge on the European and Anatolian sides have been rising rapidly since 29 May. The foot height of our bridge on the Anatolian side has reached 84 meters. We work 24 hours a day. The feet we are on are rising an average of 2,5 meters every day. ”
    Eagle, bridges in the rock formwork system by drawing attention to the bridge feet, 1,5 meter from the bottom of the wall thickness and 6 xNUMX degree angle, 322. the height of the bridge at the foot of the bridge will reach the height of the 1 meter will fall.
    “We are building an earthquake resistant bridge”
    As for the earthquake resistance of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, Kartal said, “When designing such bridges, wind load and earthquake load form the basis. Our bridge will stand stably against a possible earthquake that will occur in 2 thousand 475 years. "If we talk about our possible statement in the light of technical data in 2 thousand 475 years, it is a possible earthquake, which is 4 percent, we are making a durable bridge to this."
    Noted that the bridge between the feet on the two sides of the 408 meter is a record of the Eagle, 2015 8 bridge is expected to be put into service within the year, 2 ribbon for wheeled vehicles, 10 ribbon for the railway will be put into service as a total XNUMX strip, he added.
    Kartal, 3, reports that the bridges of the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet carry passengers over capacity. The Bosphorus Bridge and other bridges stressed the burden of light.
    İsmail Kartal stated that the new bridge would serve the transit traffic and that there would be a route in which heavy vehicle traffic such as trucks, trucks and buses would be mandatory.

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