2 hours short for Ankara-Antalya

2 hours are getting shorter with the fast train connection between Ankara and Antalya: Ankara-Konya-Antalya – High speed train + bus connection between Alanya and 8 starts from November 2013. The travel time between Ankara and Antalya lasting an hour to 9 will be reduced to 6 hours, while in Ankara-Alanya, 50 hours will fall from 8 to 45 hours to 6 minutes.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), and Özkaymak Tourism Management Inc. in the scope of the contract signed between the YHT + bus-connected combined transportation; 9 hours between 6 and 50 hours will take 8 hour to 45 hour and 6 hours to 20 hours to XNUMX hours.
8 2013 11.20 18.00 17.00 and 07.00 hours from the passengers who ride to YHT from Konya, Konya by bus transfers to Alanya, the clock at the 15.30 YHT passengers moving by bus to Antalya can reach. Passengers who take the bus at 10.30 and XNUMX from Alanya and XNUMX from Alanya will also arrive in Ankara in a short time with YHT connection from Konya.
TCDD, Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya YHT voyages to the bus and DMU train connections, Ankara-Bursa, Ankara-Kütahya and Ankara-Karaman significantly reduced the travel time.

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