110 Visit to the Old-Age Railway Worker

110-Year-Old Retired Railway Worker Visits: Sivas Branch Chairman of the Railroad Labor Union, Kütük, visited 110-year-old retired railway worker Şimşek.
Railways Workers Union of Sivas Branch President Murat undressed, and some union members formerly Sivas Traction Workshop, now called Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ), who retired from the General Directorate 110-year-old Shaukat Lightning visited at home.
According to a written statement from the union with the Republic of Turkey Simsek, the son of the oldest in the city demiryolc title while retiring from the State Railways, working in two grandsons TÜDEMSAŞ.
Kütük said that they had emotional moments during the visit and what they did with Şimşek. sohbetHe stated that they benefited from their great experiences in life.
Referring to the fact that Şimşek and Tüdemsaş shared information about the old and the new situation, Kütük said:
“We visited our Şevket master and took his heart. We also surprised our master Şevket Şimşek, the giant plane tree of the 110-year-old railway. We brought our 19-year-old young worker İshak Sezer Kaya and our Sevket master together recently, who was at work in Tudemsas. We presented our various gifts with railway icons to remember us. May Allah give our Şevket master long life. ”
Şimşek thanked Kütük and the union members for the visit.
During the visit, the Railway-Labor Union Sivas Branch Secretary Ahmet Çakmak and Financial Secretary Kemal Uzman were present.



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