Abdulhamid Han's grandson, we would love to cut ribbons in Marmaras

Abdülhamid Han's grandson would like to cut the ribbon in Marmaray: Kayıhan Osmanoğlu stated that Marmaray makes them very proud. Osmanoğlu said, "I would like to cut a ribbon, I would like to cut a ribbon."
Making evaluations regarding the completion and commissioning of the Marmaray project in Istanbul, II. Abdülhamid Kayıhan Osmanoğlu, the 4th generation grandson of Abdülhamid Han, stated that Marmaray makes them very proud. Osmanoğlu said, “The thing that got wrinkled was that we didn't have a family eld in the ribbon cut.” said. II, who came to the district to attend the panel titled "My Grandfather Abdülhamid Han" organized by Elbistan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş. Abdülhamid Kayıhan Osmanoğlu, the 4th generation grandson of Abdülhamid Han, explained his grandfather Abdülhamid Han. Welcomed by a very enthusiastic crowd, Osmanoğlu said in his special evaluation, “Marmaray was the project of Sultan Abdülmecit Han. God bless our state elders. May Allah be pleased with our President, Prime Minister, ministers and of course our nation of saints. Everyone had a contribution. It was opened with prayers. It was very exciting for us. We were incredibly excited. I was there too. Of course we were a little twisted, so the heart would want our family elders to cut the ribbon there. But it does. A great success has been achieved. It was a source of pride for us. ” He spoke in the form. Stating that Marmaray also revealed the horizon of the Ottoman Empire, Osmanoğlu said, “It was a dream of our grandparents. This dream came true. We are really happy and proud on behalf of myself and my family. They have accomplished very important works for us, Mr. President and Prime Minister. For this reason, we hope to be there in the ongoing projects, if God grants it. ” said.
Stating that they are working for movies and theater plays that promote the Ottoman correctly, Osmanoğlu said: “We are very sensitive when it comes to Ottoman. We are all sensitive. Of course, we all want to learn the facts. Because, as you know, they have always told us the wrong date for 80-90 years. Unfortunately, there are some writers in schools. But with the support of our Prime Minister and President for the last 10 years, these are somehow transferred to the new generation. I don't really recommend the series. Because I believe it was told wrong. We have theater and movie preparation right now. We will promote the movie as soon as possible. Promotions are being made in the virtual world, but for now it is inadequate. We want to start with the film project of Sultan Abdülhamid Han as soon as possible and tell other sultans. We want to explain not only to our own people, but also to the world. An important project for us. God willing to do this to us.
The grandson of Abdulhamit Han, Kayıhan Osmanoğlu, who recently participated in the excursion program in the Balkans, said that the people there said they said, "We are waiting for you here." Osmanoğlu said: “Let me tell you, 110 years later, a family went to the Balkans for the first time. The travel to the Balkans was also very important to us. And we got together with the people there. We were together with Mr. Elbistan Mayor. We visited all the Balkans except Sarajevo, although not all of the Balkans, we would come together with people there and longing. They said 'this is your place. We are waiting for you here. ' It was very nice. I hope we will have a Balkan expedition again in the coming days. ”
Answering the question that his name was mentioned for the mayor in some parties, Osmanoğlu stated that he had no intention of entering politics. Osmanoğlu added that he did not know what time would show them, saying "I will be elected from the DAP, from the State Party of Alî ...".
Mayor Durmuş Küçük emphasized the importance of the Ottoman for the world history and said that they were happy because they hosted a prince.

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