International Railway Photography Contest

International Railway Photography Contest: The European Infrastructure Companies and Railway Organizations Community organizes a photography contest titled layıp Where the journey begins and ends: Rail stations / stations Uluslararası.
28 competition with EU member countries Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Albania, Moldova, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and bidders can participate from Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Twelve of the photographs sent to the contest, which can be attended with the photographs taken at the railway stations/stations in these countries, will be selected. KazanMoments will receive 200 Euros each.
The photos must be sent to the e-mail address X CER 2013 Photography Contest X together with the ine contest form ”.
For detailed information about the competition with the last participation date 15 October 2013 www.cer.b to field. see detailed competition rules (Cer 2013 Photo Contest).
Participation form and detailed competition rulesYou can reach through na links.


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