Free transport in Antalya

Transportation in Antalya is free of charge during the Eid al-Adha: 40 red buses of the Metropolitan Municipality and Antray will be able to get on the nostalgic tram without a ticket. Private Public Buses and minibuses will carry passengers on normal tariffs.
According to the statement made by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality on the subject, the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) made a decision on public transportation to allow the public to fulfill the tradition of feasting. According to this, the 40 pieces red bus with picture plate, the nostalgia trolley serving between Kepezaltı and Meydan with Antray between the Museum and the Old Slaughterhouse, will carry free passengers throughout the 4 day of Eid al-Adha. 15, which is the first day of free transportation, will start on October and 18 will end on October Friday night. Private Public Buses and minibuses are in full 1,80; 1,20 and student 1,10 TL normal tariffs will apply. Mayor of Antalya who celebrated the Kurban Kurban. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın, free transportation of the eid to make the visit more comfortable, he said. On the other hand, mobile parking spaces in the city center will be free during the festival.

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