2 Year 2 For Trabzon Logistics Center

2 Year For The Trabzon Logistics Center 2 Gone Day: TTSO Council Member Businessman Emin Uludüz, the logistical center and railway issues in the day to the sun had a striking statement. Trabzon Chamber of Commerce for the past two years as a center of logistics, but they work here or whether the two days because of the debate went to İyidere'ye said. In the context of the investment in the western districts of Trabzon, Uluduz noted that he could not get enough of the investment, and gave striking examples about the railroad. n on 2
Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council member businessman Emin Uludüz, logistics center and railway path to the Günebakış'a found striking explanations.
TTSO Council Member Uludüz, whoever the power, no matter who outweighs by saying that the service went there; Tartış Where did the logistics center we discussed today go? Take Trabzon. I am also a member of the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I don't avoid telling the things I know right. Logistics get where? Trabzon, Akcaabat can not pass this side. Whether you get to Surmene or get here, get here. Now it would be said to Rize. What happened to our work?
Hani Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry was the locomotive of the civil society organizations, which are the heads of the political parties, the ministers, the deputy ministers, where are they? I have been in Trabzon for five years, we are still talking about logistics center for five years. Erzurum finished. Samsun finished. We still go there, whether it's here or not, I went to Iyidere. In my speeches at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I have always raised the issue of why you are collecting these investments. Investments published throughout the province. Do you want to connect to Akçaabat District because there is no skilled politician in Vakfıkebir? Then let's connect and get service. The best place for logistics center is Yoroz. When I was a candidate for parliament, I had a project; I said I would cut the Yoboz and Yobol and make the port. You're talking so much, they said it would be something like that. Yoroz means light. Yobol also means olive groves. They said how to do it. I also have 180 countries on Earth, internationally, since it would all be one million dollars 180 million dollars. It is made of a hundred places. Another issue is the issue of railways. We are discussing the railway in Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Wherever he is, come from Of, come from Arakli, come from Maçka? The project is drawn from Erzincan, Gümüşhane, Tirebolu, towards the coast, Görele, Eynesil, Beşikdüzü, Vakfıkebir, Çarşıbaşı, Akçaabat, Trabzon. What happens there? Trabzon is a historical and cultural city, big, big brother. How will you make it bigger if you take everything away from him? Unfortunately, the train will go that way, Şu he said.

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