Trabzon Logistics Center Awaits Minister Bayraktar


Trabzon Logistics Center is waiting for Minister Bayraktar: NUSC President Gürdoğan said that they wanted to see logistics in the last few years and now they see mega projects in Trabzon before they die.
The developments regarding the TRABZON Logistics Center are coming to an end. Former MP of Trabzon Dr. The clogging with the attempts of Cevdet Erdöl was sent to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Prime Minister Erdogan, Çamburnu while giving approval to the eyes of the eyes of Prime Minister Erdogan Bayraktar was invited to invite the parties. Mr Hamdi Gürdoğan, the President of NAP, made important statements on the subject.
Mr. Gürdoğan, who witnessed his important and sincere works on behalf of the future of this city, knows not only the logistics, but also the exporters outside of their own ideas (the father of the idea). While representatives of various civil society organizations prioritize their priorities, we are witnesses to Mr. Gürdoğan as a media member who prioritizes the priorities of this city. We've written this over and over again. We also thank to the intense sensitivity and effort in logistics and we are going to our questions.
Günebakış: Mr. President, we are aware of your recent work including the customs gate and the new customs structure called the Green Line. We think you have done all this by placing it on the axis of the Trabzon logistics center. So you're after a big project. 1. Logistics center. 2. Railroad linked logistics center. 3. From this logistics center, you are pursuing the application of Green Clearance Line which is brought to Russia and other neighboring countries by multiple border entry gates and new technology. This is a great vision. What will you say?
A.Hamdi Gürdoğan- We Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association in Turkey as a target by the Prime Minister before everything 2023 called a target has been set by our Prime Minister. The target of our region in the 2023 target is 22 billion dollars. Could this goal be to just sit down and play every day with the numbers? We need to do projects to do these things. We need to act in order to reach the target with those projects. How many years ago, especially when there were no exporters, especially after the closing of Sochi Gate, the Trabzon exporters did not even have a ship. But we have seen 10-5 companies in recent export growth and especially in the first 6 company which exports the most of the country in fresh fruits and vegetables.
Günebakış: Exports from Trabzon Port at a point of export. In other words, when the Port of Trabzon exports, perhaps the birds did not fly from Samsun Port. Why did he leave? What have we lost?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: Our export is gone. Today we are the 30-35 exporters. There is no news of the Trabzon public. Trabzon in Turkey, almost all in the hands of exporters 80 percent of the logistic ship shipping to Russia. Therefore, both with other countries in the world we are in competition with logistics companies in Turkey today. But there are still impediments to this. Even our exporter is entering. Some of our exporters are intimidated to take away this market. What should we do? Do we have to sit and play fatalism? We need to think about what we can do to make exports rather than fatalism. We need to find new markets, new searches.
and finally found a new door? You've made new expansions.
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: Yes. We opened the Kazbegi Lars Gate. (I also underline the opening of the Turkish trucks). In other words, Georgian TIRs cannot pass through that door. While we were open to Armenian trucks, we became the guarantor of the Turks when there was no political problem between Russia and Georgia under the guarantee of Sweden. We became a guarantor between Georgia and Russia. We opened to Turkish trucks. This is important.
Günebakış: Only Turkish trucks are passing through Kalzbegi Gate?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: Yes. Only Turkish trucks are passing. Georgian does not pass TIRs. And there are TIRs coming to Armenia. What we need to do next. And you know about Dagestan. What did we go for? Using the Caspian Sea pass, we went through the Volga River to transport our trucks to Kazakhstan.
Günebakış: Trabzon Exporters' Association wants to pass the Turkish TIRs through the Volga River to the Caspian Sea. And after reaching the Caspian, it opens up to China?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: Yes. We will cross the Turkish ships. We will go to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan four days away from here. It used to be 15 a day. Now we will go 4 a day.
günebakış: That is something like a global movement from Trabzon. These aren't words, are they? You have projected them. You are applying.
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: These works together with the Ministry of Economy. Deputy Undersecretary Bülent Uğur Ecevit. Responsible for logistics. If you want, let them explain all these projects in person. We can't do these projects by ourselves. We went to the markets with Bülent Uğur Ecevit, who is responsible for logistics and related ministries. We had meetings. We opened a logistics zone.
sunshine: We're here now. You have opened the doors Have you implemented the Fast Green customs application? Isn't all this logistics infrastructure?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: What we did in Vladi Caucasus We are making a transfer station to Logistics Center. It was supposed to be. We went there. What did we do in Dagestan? We would like to set up a distribution network for Vladi Caucasus, Dagestan and Russia. Only now on the roadway were from Vladi Caucasus and Ukraine. We put it in. At the same time, we put the sea line between Trabzon and Tuapse. Isn't that a big deal? What are we doing for this? We do it because it should be a central logistics center from Trabzon. I want to be as big as a Hong Kong or Germany. But we want to see something today before we die before we die. When we made these plans, we considered Sürmene Çamburnu. Because the barn was idle. The United Nations and the Arabs are partners. I don't want to give you his name. We have heard that a firm and a firm with a current job will invest in Samsun and Tekirdağ. This company also imports the largest imported goods to Ukraine, Russia and Turkic Republics at the same time. So when we heard that he would make his investment elsewhere, we talked with the owner of the firm. We showed the area. We convinced him to invest here.
Günebakış: So you are marketing to companies around the world. No decision has yet to be made. You find customers? Wouldn't it be okay?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: We will do the practice so that we can take action. Nothing happens without dreams.
günebakış: So you find the customer first? Then you will build the Logistics Center!
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: Yes. Engineering companies are coming. He spends some money here. We take the depth related to the fill, at the same time, about the areas of the warehouses, and they are positive and transfer them to the politicians. We add a few more companies to these companies. These companies are known to everyone. So it is known by politicians. We're reporting this to a politician. We have meetings with our Minister Mr. Erdoğan Bayraktar. Minister Bayraktar told us “This is not the case. That's what they always say. We'il give them space. After that, they'il be gone. We cannot go under such risk. Request a letter of guarantee. Bring strong guarantees, Güçlü he said.
Güneqakış: Minister Bayraktar says thank you in the Lojistu in Çamburnu. Your companies are ready. But you will not be ready for such words, you will receive your guarantees, you will get guarantees, all the companies will be ready to be the center of the logistics of all of them will see it after we'll say okay? In this meeting you, the governor, the municipality, politicians, provincial chairman and civil society organizations all have. Is that true?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: This is not an empty meeting. There are all. After our meeting, we have received commitments from Minister Bayraktar that we can provide guarantees to show how serious the business is. We sent him to the minister, including MPs. We organized a meeting thinking it would not be enough. At the meeting we brought the owner of the firm. The owner of the firm also said that he wanted a specific time and plan for the program. At that time, 1 pledged to begin and end the year. He promised that he would bring at least a minimum of 2 million tonnes when he was finished, and that this would be the 700-800 vessel.
Sunrise: The yearly 700-800 ship will carry cargo to the logistics center in Trabzon and it will be 2 million tons. You say there are enough places for all of these companies?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: We are dividing it. If not enough, we will be able to fill and grow the fishing shelter up there. In fact, we have a project about them. We have a visual project with both stages.
Günebakış: You have reported all these documents to the deputies and the Minister and you have proposed the meeting? How was the meeting?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: Of course there are certain things. I have a small minded mindset in Trabzon. Shouldn't we have the logic to get big? We had a meeting in the ministry. All Trabzon MPs there, Mr. Minister, who do this, how much wrong, even angry, shouting that the biggest hostility to those who prevented Trabzon shouting itself said.
Günebakış: Why doesn't the Minister Bayraktar end up in this business?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: When the Prime Minister arrived, I was told that I should pass on this issue to the Prime Minister. Faruk Özak knows everything. When we went to that day, Cevdet Erdöl knows all of these topics. Erdöl telephoned before the prime minister arrived, told me and said 'get well' this work was also told to the prime minister. The Prime Minister agreed. 'Said OK. Minister Faruk Özak said. Let's not talk about this right now, but we're very busy. He said the same in Ozak. They said that. I didn't do anything. That's not gonna work. I went to the companies that will give up the investment I went to Istanbul and I made a meeting. I told them again about this. I'm waiting for this event when I tell you.
sunday: What are you waiting for now?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar will summon again. Our experts will now participate in practical projects will be evaluated. We are waiting for Minister Bey to call.
Günebakış: On the other hand, it is claimed that the prime minister ordered the construction of a common logistics center for Trabzon and Rize with a total of 2 million square meters, including the İyidere side with the Of nursery. It is said that all of the cadastral works are over and the order has been given for the construction of a large harbor to Dernekpazarı. On one side, on a side like that. Which one is right? What's happening now?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: You know, Trabzon Erzincan Railway was spoken. We've been talking for a few years. Didn't the 10 year have passed? It's like this in the project you're talking about. How many years does it take for you to say what you say? We're going to wait for death with imaginary projects. Let's not divide the region into Trabzon or Rize. We talk about the whole. May the Eastern Black Sea region be a big province if you gather? Port of Hopa was revived. After the opening of the door to Vladi Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia transition began from Sarp. No one in the public knows it. We've put the transition zones there and now the TIRs pass by. Hatayli knows better thanks to us. Artvin knows better.
Günebakış: You say that the joint project of Trabzon, Rize is realized in Çamburnu. 10 years later, like Hamburg, he is a large-scale Of Iyidere common logistics project is implemented?
Hamdi Gürdoğan- does not know of TIM and the Ministry of Economy of Turkey's foreign trade? These guys saw it came. But what if we do not support such a big project with its opposition with the government and the government, what if we miss the investment? They say that this is not enough to get too big. Let's get started before we get there.
günebakış: Another claim is that Erzincan will land on the Trabzon railway from Bayburt to the region where the logistics center is located, and that the line of Gümüşhane, Trabzon and Tirebolu in Erzincan cannot be brought to tender for it?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: We will see these roads and logistic center in the grave. Or are we not allowed to see things while we're open? What are they, friend?
Günebakış: Do you know what is worse? Let Mr Gürdoğan settle in the grave. The next generations don't follow this. There will be immigrants from this region and there will be no people to follow them. That's worse.
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: When I deal with these things, they tell me that those who go from Trabzon are smart. The rest are crazy. There are those who see us as crazy. But we say we don't say anything about ourselves. This day the Sarp Gate is expanding. Muratlı Gate is opening. New Green lines are coming.
Günebakış: You are witness to our Minister Mr. Erdoğan Bayraktar's saying “This problem is solved yes gün, right?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: The minister told me. 'This was done from the prime minister,' he said. He said in Cevdet. We look forward to getting this done. What else do I do. So now I have the minister of my city on this. Is this Hayati Yazici? We have a relationship. I said I should tell him. But I didn't go to see him. Then it will be a shame if I tell you the problem of Trabzon then someone will think a little more. It gives migration to Trabzon every day. I also read in your newspaper Volkan Canalioğlu's about logistics. I thank him. Because if we give up today if we give up, so let's leave the logistics of ours, let's go to ourselves, we will betray this city and the region.

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