Trabzon Logistics Center Becomes a Question

Trabzon Logistics Center Inquiries: GÜMRÜK and Trade Minister Hayati Yazıcı's presentation of the Ovit-axis logistics center project and its qualification as the new Silk Road created controversy in Trabzon. CHP Trabzon Deputy M. Volkan Canalioglu, logistics center will give a proposal to the general assembly and said it would talk.
Ministry of Environment is in Work…
CANALİOĞLU, in his statement, prepared a proposal for the Minister of Environment and asked about the work done in Of-İyidere'de said. Canalioglu, el Logistics is going to our hands. Why was such a work not shared with the public? Why did the Ministry of Environment remain silent? We'll ask why Çamburnu was abandoned. Ç
Karan: I'm a logist
CHP Trabzon Provincial Chairman Yavuz Karan, gave a very hard response. Karan, Minister Erdogan Bayraktar and Trabzon deputies invited to resign, "to benefit the Prime Minister Trabzon to give an investment that deserves Rize. I'm dealing with logistics. This event is not the Prime Minister's case, '' he said.
Çamburnu Non-liquidation
Mr. Karan said that the infrastructure of Çamburnu is ready, and that people are ready to come and rent it by spending 15-20 million dollars immediately. Karan said: X We cannot digest Trabzon's right to be given to other places in a conscious way. I'm ready to stick to everyone's collar if needed. The center of the Silk Road is Trabzon. İp
The Minister of Customs and Trade, Hayati Yazici, who pointed out the OVIT Tunnel-based trade perception, echoes in Trabzon to announce that the logistics center will be built in the Iyidere Valley. The authorities of the Republican People's Party decided to make new initiatives for the establishment of the logistics center in Sürmene Çamburnu. In this context, CHP Trabzon deputy Volkan Canalioglu gave a proposal to the center of logistics and announced that he will speak at the general assembly.
CHP Trabzon Provincial Chairman Yavuz Karan also gave a very strong reaction to Hayati Yazici's statements. Karan Minister Erdogan Bayraktar and invited the deputies to resign in Trabzon. Karan, ye Minister Yazıcı and the Rize lobby are giving this investment that Trabzon deserves to benefit the Prime Minister. Then here, the Minister of politics, Erdogan Bayraktar, especially the AK Party Provincial Chairman should resign. I don't want to be wandering in this country because I'm a politician. Bu
CHP Trabzon Deputy Volkan Canalioğlu, oğlu Will I be the logistics center of Iyidere? If so, what are the reasons for this I've prepared a question proposal about it. Today I will speak 10 minutes in the general assembly. I will also bring up the situation of the logistics center there, Orada he said.
CHP Provincial Chairman Karan stated that the issue of the logistics center is not the case of Hayati Yazici, but Prime Minister Erdogan said, mes This city needs employment. That's the investment. The logistics center is also taking to the Iyidere border. The goal here is to shift the logistics center to Rize. Trabzon has a feature of history. It is a port city. It is the center of the Silk Road. Sürmene Çamburnu has the infrastructure. I know there are people here ready to rent. Because I'm dealing with logistics. Today there are people who will immediately spend a million dollars money to come and15-20. They don't keep us busy. The Groundcab should be the Shipyard area. No need to bother. It is a pity. Customs Trade Minister and Rize lobby in the last day of this event, they cut. Well, it looks like it. This is a conscious way to give Trabzon's right to another place. We can never accept this, we can't digest. I'm ready to stick to everyone's collar if needed. The right of Trabzon was usurped. Now I wonder. Isn't the minister gonna stand up from where he collapses? We will soon see whether to stand up for Trabzon. Minister of Trade Rizeli. Then, all of the TOKI houses should be built in Trabzon. Rize'ye not let us do such a thing? The state's 60 million dollars have been buried. What we're gonna do is we're going to refute it. There's a port ready. The center of Iranian transit is Trabzon. I find it extremely wrong to enter into another search. Başka
CHP Trabzon deputy Volkan Canalioğlu said, kal If we stay late, we said that the logistics center will go out of our hands. In the end, it's what we say. I don't know what they're doing. I have officially done the logic. The Ministry of Environment has been preparing preparations for Iyidere Of. I prepared a proposal for the Minister of Environment. This issue was not shared with the public. The Ministry of Environment has remained silent until now. I'il ask them. Hayati Yazıcı has announced that multiple logistics centers will be established in İyidere Of. According to what I made this decision I'll question it. Trabzon and the region has no time to waste. There's a place with a substructure. The investor is ready. It has to be decided quickly. No decision was made. Of Iyidere 's service will also bring good watch. Çargurnu is ready to drive. It's obvious there's no shipyard. As a logistics center, it was necessary to use the most suitable place at hand. Will the expropriation be made in İyidere Of? They searched and explained. We need to examine this well, Bunu he said.

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