Trabzon does not remove this injustice | Trabzon logistics center project

Trabzon does not remove this injustice | Trabzon logistics center project: NGOs in TRABZON came together the previous day and talked about logistics.
Chamber of Construction and Mechanical Engineers Chairman Mustafa Yaylalı and Şaban Bülbül emphasizing that there is an injustice in the center, the logistics center of İyidere'ye not to be taken against, but Trabzon, to be moved to Iyidere Trabzon unfairness, he said. Bulbul, burada This step does not stop here. There's the railway. After a while they will take the railway down to Iyidere. Bir IMO and MMO Presidents announced that they decided to handle the issue before Trabzon civil society organizations.
In Trabzon, the president and members of chamber of engineers affiliated to TMMOB are working on the logistics center that has been moved from Trabzon to İyidere. The members of the profession, who came together last week, shared their views on this very important issue for Trabzon and exchanged ideas on what should be done. Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) Trabzon Branch President Şaban Bülbül and Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Trabzon Branch President and Trabzon City Council President Mustafa Yaylalı are also present. sohbetThe attitude to be taken on the logistics center in the coming days was expressed.
Chamber of Mechanical Engineers President Şaban Bülbül, the railroad at the latest 2018 in Trabzon in the coming days, officials said that they take a silent attitude, said that there is still a clear explanation on this issue.
President Bülbül pointed out that the logistics center, which is one of the most important feet of the railway, was shifted to İyidere Valley:
Lojistik The logistics, which is one leg of the railway, is shifted to the Iyidere valley. This means that the history of the Silk Road is changed after many years. The Silk Road from Zigana is forced to come down from Ovit. I did, like I did! When we look at what is the plus of the surplus of Trabzon to the logistics and transportation of the logistics to İyidere, we need to be close to the sea-land-railway and the airline. The most ideal in the research, Arsin and Sürmene interiors were moved to Iyidere with the order of the Prime Minister. Now the railroad has to be moved there. However, when we say that logistics is done there, 3 rail connection is made there after years. That connection does not go to Trabzon, does not pass through Gumushane. It comes from Bayburt or Erzurum Artvin and it should not be forgotten. Prime Minister's instructions that way, but the public opinion as a public opinion of the Trabzon public by doing a meeting with CSOs are planning to bring this agenda.
The conversation we had and sohbetIn the XNUMXs, your railroad and natural gas and logistics base were sohbet I think it should be the subject. The more we talk about these as engineers, the more our contribution will be. As I said, after the logistics is finalized there, the railway goes from Trabzon and the ports in Trabzon disappear. A large harbor is built there. I think Derepazarı is being considered. Our aim is to warn the central government and to explain the bias in disabling Trabzon. "
Trabzon Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Chairman of the Trabzon Branch Mustafa Yaylalı Trabzon City Council, as well as the Trabzon IKK components of the others from the point of view of the city is different than the views expressed.
İMO President Mustafa Yaylalı emphasized that the chairmen of the room expressed this in their visit to the IKK and said, ı The chamber chairpersons are sometimes coming to IKKs. We're trying to make a good one. In the 2009 he was so personal with the shaban gentleman that he would do something like that. You all know that everyone should do this, but two people stay on. Together we prepared the report and promised that we will do the next year's assessment. We will prepare the Trabzon Urban Problems Report before the 2014 local elections. As Shaban Bey said, we want more contributions and participation as NGOs. After the 2009 report and the evaluation in 2010, the expectation has increased. X
Underlining that Trabzon really wants to reflect the problems of the city, Yaylalı continued his speech as follows:, Making a study including all problems from smallest to smallest such as railway, logistics, junction problems, air pollution, food safety, unlicensed slaughterhouse, lack of a licensed slaughterhouse. we want. We're gonna do this together. Railway and logistics; The executive board has the 11 board 6's rooms of TMMOB. 'What has made the railway platform has always been,' he was criticized. But we were saying that this should be quiet. Because the moment we heard our voice was trying to make more noise elsewhere. For example, when we were working, we read all the minutes of the Assembly from 1924 to 1945. For the first time, there was a law about a railway or transportation route at that time. Later on, the law is also Izmit-Izmir highway. At that time, we had a fight in Trabzon Giresun, this is available in the chamber minutes. In the end, they said that none of you have a railroad, that is to say it is a parliament, which makes the law itself. At the point we said we should be quiet but we did a lot of things while staying quiet. Trabzon Railway Platform has done very important activities.
We lived in logistics. 'Let's not fight, logistics can go from our hand' when we had a port in the logistics logistics station in the area of ​​the Surmene Çamburnu came to our agenda. We said that if this fight grows, we're going to go to Rize, and the fight has grown, and it's kind of gone to Rize. At the moment, it is mentioned as a part of the logistics center, but ultimately you put a logistics center in such a way that your finished railway project is canceled. You have to bring the railroad to where you bring the logistics. The most important advantage of the logistics center to be built in this region is that it has 4 transportation area. There is an airport, sea and highway transport. He had the 4. In the project, the railway project is going to Trabzon via Maçka. The project is finished. When we take the logistics to İyidere, we will eliminate this project. The right logistics is to go to İyidere in İyidere. This state is not so rich, bring it here and bring a railway line to Iyidere on the Ovit route. We're rich, but we're not that rich. We don't have that kind of money to waste. What will our expectation of our railroad? As Şaban Bey said, the rail is now left after 2030. Currently 2016-2017 is the tender for railway construction. But if you bring logistics to İyidere, this is how it will be, someone needs to come out and explain it. Ama
Ertan Baydar, Mechanical Engineer, expressed his opinions about the shipyard area in Sürmene and said: ters According to me, a shipyard was not built in Sürmene, but the shipyard image appeared. We do not know what happens in the future, but a lot of work is not seen, of course. Gelecek Baydar, said: şöyle Considering the current intersection points of the railway airway based on the highway, let's consider our current port. Our airport is tucked in the same way in the harbor. The harbor has become so much so that the city has been divided. The idea was always to transfer this port to the port building in Çamburnu for the shipyard purpose. That was my initial thought, and the city would relax a bit. What will happen if the railroad comes from Iyidere, there is a shortage of the valley. There should be social structures. Yapıl
Chamber of Mechanical Engineers President Şaban Bülbül, the port can be used by enlargement, but when the logistics of the port should be unique to him said. Bülbül, eş the experts brought from Germany Governor, DOKA and TSO as a logistics base in the examination of the most appropriate Arsin Yeşilyalı'ı deemed appropriate. No matter where it is done, it needs to be done with sea fill. In the Black Sea Region, the logistic base cannot be built outside the sea fill. 2 does not have a land of more than a million square meters, bir he said.
Mustafa Yaylalı, City Council and IMO President, pointed out that while the investment costs were taken, additional costs were also in question,, It is not just the money you will spend on the logistics center. You will turn the railroad there, there will be an additional transfer to the airport with the additional road connections. We need to evaluate them all Bunlar.
Haydar Çoruhlu, mechanical engineer, also claimed that Iyidere was a landslide and flood area. An It is wrong to start a logistics or railway line there. We will see this in practice. Not by saying, "Come on, do it." If so, he is sliding because he is the prime minister's hometown and he is political. Trabzon here loses another 100 year. We need to tell this to the public, Bunu he said.




    1. If the minister of trabzonlular unfortunately does not know exactly how the power of our city can not be exact, see what the Easter busses want, if they want to take the project, they will take the right of this project.