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No additional flights to Torbalıya Aliağaya: Expatriates traveling between Izmir and İzmir with Aliağa; Aliağa waiting for the last stop from the city center to be placed, the same situation in the same case to put the additional flights to Torbalı and some municipalities to be donated to the bus 'the paths of love, me bullet' reminds me of the song.
'ALIACA comes from blindness. UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND '
Izban since the establishment of the ring service to be put on the Metro and Aliaga, who want to take advantage of the service in every district except Aliaga Aliağalıların who want to take into account the citizens, ede Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Bayindir - Torbalı line gave additional expedition. Aliağa'da citizens, dolmuşlardan and dolmuş charges in accordance with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and ESHOT General Directorate of written and oral, both signatures and collections by repeatedly applying to Aliağa, Metro line to start the ring service and the public wanted to take advantage of the 90 minute Municipal service . However, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, in all of the applications, such a work can not do, he has not had the opportunity to meet this by saying that turned down the demands.
Frequently Aliaga from the last station to the center of the bus stating that the demands of the passengers in Izmir, AN We read the press shortly after the return of our demands. 'Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey has been donated to the municipalities in need of general maintenance, 64 yaptırarak Total Sanos brand buses. Mayor of the Metropolitan Mayor of this movement we were very sorry and reacted to the great response. We said; Isn't it the town of Aliaga Metropolitan? We have been begging for years; '60 a kilometer way 2 pounds, while Aliaga'ya 2 a kilometer road to 1 and a half pounds to get rid of' he. They always give us the answer 'We have no choice'. But they grant buses to different municipalities.
Underlining that the local authorities did not have the problem, the citizens said, “Aliağa still does not take into account the demands of the citizens. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which does no work other than digging the road and throwing asphalt to our district, the districts on the Izban route are the sons, Aliağa step-son. Citizens asking, ya There are even more flights to Torbalı, which is in the same position with Aliağa for İzmir, and there are no flights to Aliağa. The Bayındır - Torbalı line was announced because of the passenger density. Officials of the General Directorate of ESHOT 'Citizens of the right demands of the necessary arrangements are made by evaluating' are in the description. We bring 3 for years to our demands. But we say it ourselves and listen to ourselves, ”they say once again their system.
Expressing that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and its President ignored the citizens of Aliağalı, Cengiz Onur, Chairman of the Board of EBSAD stated that he travels with İzban between İzmir and Aliağa every day and he states that Büyük Why an institution whose aim is to serve the people is against the demands of its people. I can not. I don't know what to say now. Why this discrimination? The differences between the people living in our districts and the people living in Aliağa are different or what is being tried to create a difference by the metropolitan municipality. Or are the parties of the same political party provoked by the provincial president? The purpose of the establishment of public services in the community itself, ie the municipality itself feels strong in the districts of the people against the demands of opposing the opposition, with a small number of votes in front of the competing party to meet the demands of the public in the districts of political people to meet the demands of the political reaction.
Fatma Uysal, one of the citizens who stated that they wanted a bus from the Metropolitan Municipality for two years as the people of Aliağa said, “Sir, we have been asking for a 'Beseleme Bus' to Aliağa for two years. 4 buses will work between İZBAN and the district center. There is no ethical method left by ESHOT and the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality that we have not applied. We talked personally, collected signatures, and invited the Mayor of our Aliağa to take charge of the issue. The result is always the same… We had confrontations such as 'No, all minibuses will be turned into a city card, no more patience' or 'No bus or money' We heard these words from the mouth of Aziz President himself. Us this sözcü"It was reported in the newspapers less than 20 days after he said that. Again, we heard from his own mouth that the buses in their hands were maintained, renewed and donated to other municipalities."
According to all the applications and article (e) of the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 3030, it is necessary to solve the transportation problems in the district, although Aliağa has not done any work, and in the following process Aliağalı citizens will continue to react to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The answer given in the stage was unfortunately 'turn on the case' This is an extremely sad answer. We believe that if necessary we will open a case and stop the execution. 90-5 6-4-5-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX As we are paying the water used for the Aliağa people to the municipality company named IZSU, we have to take advantage of ESHOT, the company of the same municipality and whose responsibilities are stated by law. We hope that one day you will come to the streets of Aliağa by wearing XNUMX-XNUMX deputies. Ki

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