Topbas: Sultanbeyli and Bahçeşehir Rail Systems

Topbas: Sultanbeyli and Bahçeşehir Rail Systems are on the way: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas, Bahcesehir and Sultanbeyli think that the rail systems are drawn back on demand. Topbas, 'We thought the lines after 2019, but there is an intense demand. We accelerated the project work. I hope it will end at 2019. ' said.
The introduction of KİPTAŞ Bahçeşehir Vaditepe project; Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Başakşehir Mevlüt Uysal, KİPTAŞ General Manager İsmet Yıldırım and many guests attended.
Answering the questions of journalists after the meeting, Kadir Topbas gave information about the metro and rail systems in the city. Topbas, 'No city in any city of the system is not done by a municipality. 2019 400 goal we put all the rail system to make a project we have done. We thought the Bahçeşehir and Sultanbeyli line after 2019 but there is an intense demand. We have accelerated the project work. Hopefully, we will continue to work on the rail system project in Sultanbeyli and Bahçeşehir in order to finish at 2019. I would like to give the good news of this. Bun
Metrobus in Istanbul, a very important transportation problem that expresses the problem Topbas, 'There is a demand for a very demanding. This place has to go to the suburbs. In particular, we intend to complete the 2019 rail systems that will carry the density in the inner regions. Özellikle
Metrobus location will not take the subway, metro line will be presented as an alternative said Topbas, 'Metro required, it is no longer possible to carry this density with buses. Metrobüsü without removing the bottom of the subway study are running. Adan He said.
Marmaray-related test drive transfer was done Topbas, 'a few months since the technical studies on this issue has been completed. Of course, this work will continue until the opening date. Because you cannot stop the system when the system is activated. There is a certain test drive in all rail systems. 29 will be commissioned in October as a project that will crown our Republic.
Topbaş, who said that Marmaray is a system that will connect two continents from east to west of Asia, continued as follows: 'Suburban lines do not work because of the rehabilitation works and high speed train works in some lines. 29 will be in the region between Aydınlıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme which we will put into operation as of October. Our line of Eagle will serve in Aydınlıkçeşme. On the other hand, we will serve in Kazlıçeşme and Yenikapı by buses until the suburban lines are finished. ' used expressions.
Topbaş emphasized that the transportation problem of Istanbul will be solved when the project is completed. from Gebze Çerkezköyto be a suburban subway. It exists in many cities in Europe. We are talking about light metro line in Bahçeşehir. Don't think like the suburbs we used in the past. More advanced technology, better quality, more modern transportation will provide service in the city. Daha he said.

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