Ray Bus Project started in Erbaa, Tokat

Work on the Rail Bus Project in Erbaa district of Tokat: The feasibility study of the project 'rail bus' was started in Erbaa, Tokat.
The project was organized in the program organized in the municipal council hall of Erbaa district of Tokat. Erbaa Mayor Ahmet Yenihan, retired from the General Directorate of Maritime Transportation, Kadir Durmus, Culture and Art Center, Local Products Market project with the consultancy Ali Riza Uzunöz said that the field will be done in the field of the project. Ik We are planning to operate two rail buses in the first place on the route that will cover the industry, the new hospital and the Park Valley, ta said President Yenihan. The capacity will determine the amount of passengers. In Adapazarı we will visit the factories where the rail bus is manufactured. There we will meet technician engineers. In the future, we will turn this into a concrete project. He describes it as a revolution. diesel rail bus in the district of Turkey will take place in Erbaa first time. This project will set an example for other mayors. We took steps for the auspicious project. We dreamed first, we took steps to realize our dreams. God has made some facilities for us. We are in the process of revising the point of revision in our zoning plan. İm
President Yenihan, about the international pass of the $ 100 million dollar project in the international pass no problem, rail buses in the hangar of the old leaf tobacco store, thinking they said.
Kadir Durmus, the bus will go on the service of the bus service to be in Erbaa is very feasible opinion, he said. Durmuş stated that they will give their support for the realization of the project in his hometown of Erbaa. I believe this can be manufactured 2,5 million dollars in Turkey. These are all our predictions. Operation of the rail bus in the city so far not been carried out in Turkey. But there is abroad. Instead of the bus, the rail bus runs. Otobüs

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