The rail system sector will meet the need for vocational high schools

Rail systems to meet elements vocational school for the needs of the sector: in general in eight vocational schools in Turkey rail systems technology 'ninth of the part of Ankara's opened at the Vocational High School site in the Sincan district. Part of Turkey by seeing great interest by students from all over. Students who graduated from this department will meet the needs of the sector.
School Director Suleyman Tatar, Polatli High Speed ​​Train and Conventional Train point of scissors and the region's need for qualified personnel will train said. Tatar, 68 students in two branches said that the study. Transferring Rail Systems Technology and Rail Systems Business Departments within the school, Süleyman Tatar stated that one of the departments is the business area and the other one has an electric electronic signaling branch. Tatar said, Tat In the following years, considering the conditions of Polatlı; Agriculture and Hand Tools Maintenance and Repair Department, Biomedical Equipment Technology Department and Medical Electronics Department are not planning to open. In this way, our departmental scope will be expanded and the required employment support will be provided. It is important to open these sections in many sections to open and not cumbersome in today's conditions which is needed to address these needs is to resolve. "He said.

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