Common Cultural Heritage Knowledge Festival of the Turkish World on the Silk Road

Turkish World Common Cultural Heritage Information Festival on the Silk Road: President General Secretary Mustafa İsen suggested that the subject of the Turkic Council Summit next year be “tourism problems of the Turkish world”.
3 October Turkish Day was organized under the auspices of the Turkish Central Headquarters under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.
President General of the President Isen pointed out the importance of this day for the Turkish world. Stating that there are such days in more developed countries, Isen said that the states have solved the work-related dimension and the civil society organizations play important roles in informing the wider masses.
Thanking for their contributions to the Turkish hearths, İsen said, “The top topic of the Turkish leaders next year may be 'tourism problems of the Turkish world'”.
Isen pointed out that the world witnessed a very important development which could be considered as an event of the century this year.
“In the coming days, Marmaray will open on 29 October. With the Marmaray, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway was also expected to be opened, it was planned, and yet a train from Beijing was able to go to London without any interruption. This will happen with a 1 year delay. For example, over a thousand kilometers of railways have been built in Kazakhstan in the past year. So there are important road investments in Central Asia. There is trade, industry, culture, transportation and other activities behind it. ”
- “The Turkish world is one of the most important powers in the world”
President of the Turkish Quarries Dr. Mehmet Öz, on the other hand, said that the Turkish Speaking Presidents Summit Meetings with the contributions of Alparslan Türkeş played a major role in getting to know each other of the Turkish world.
Emphasizing that they have made good progress despite the negative events, Öz said, “October 3, 2009 was an important turning point for the Turkish world. We have some organizations established before. Such organizations have made important contributions, of course, but I consider the establishment of the Turkish Council as a turning point. ”
Reminding that the last of the Turkic Council Summit, the first of which was hosted by President Abdullah Gül, was held in Azerbaijan on August 16, Öz said: “Dear President there made an evaluation that draws attention to the potential of the Turkish world. Indeed, the Turkish world has the potential to be one of the most important powers in the world today. The total power of the sister states is 7th in terms of area in the world, 9th in terms of population and 13th in terms of total income. This really stands before us as an important potential. ”
"If Turkey Turkish world and carry out a very balanced and in parallel relationships with approximately Ottoman hiterl terms of their peace, both in terms of the surrounding peace, both will have this important consequences for the whole of humanity," said Ozer, said:
“As Turkish Cookers, we pay attention to October 3, Turkish Day. We will continue to make efforts to reinforce the unity of the Turkish world in the language at the same time in the heart, in ideas and in business. We, of course, contribute to this as a culture and opinion center on the basis of contemplation. Both our past and today will be evaluated here and we will discuss our future projects by revealing a future perspective. We will continue to pursue these efforts in a cultural sense for the unity and vitality of the Turkish world and the Islamic world. ”
After the speeches, a plaque was given to the memory of Servet Somuncuoğlu, Ahmet Yeşiltepe due to the documentary "On the Trail of the Turks".

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