Minister Bayraktar surprises the Trabzon Logistics Center

Minister Bayraktar surprises the Trabzon Logistics Center: The logistics center shifted to Rize-İyidere and the Minister Bayraktar said that despite the railway in the same framework, we will still improve Trabzon by logistics and railway.
While the Çamburnu Logistics Center Project is being shifted to the Iyidere Valley and Erzincan-Gumushane-Trabzon Railway will be taken to the same area, it is surprising that the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Erdogan Bayraktar still makes a statement on the logistics center and the railway. While Trabzon public opinion and political parties are in logistical astonishment and the opposition stands up, Minister Bayraktar's “unity and solidarity for Trabzon” messages continue as if nothing has happened. Bayraktar, repeating the old words in the holiday message, published the following message; “Trabzon's economic, social and cultural data should be evaluated in a concrete way, and experts, academicians and most importantly, entrepreneurs who want to invest in the region should be helped. The development planning of our Trabzon was based on development but a healthy strategy could not be formed. Many things that were said and planned were just words. Such a plan brought along growing problems and threatened the future of our country. Until the 2000s, just like other cities in our country experienced the problems caused by the wrong urbanization, our Trabzon had the same problems. With the AK Party Governments, necessary arrangements were made in the direction and supervision as well as following a planned urbanization and urbanization policy nationwide. In this way, rational urbanism policies were ensured to reach all parts of our country. We know and believe that Trabzon should be the international center of attraction and the base of the region. During the AK Party Governments, we worked for this goal both through TOKI and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. We worked to mobilize Trabzon's capacity. We ensured that money and resources came to Trabzon. ”
Bayraktar, TOKI President and Minister of Environment and Urbanization listed the investments made in Trabzon as follows: “Akyazı Stadium and Sports Complex, 5 thousand 940 residences, 4 primary schools and 5 high schools, 5 mosques, 12 sports halls, 8 commerce We are instrumental in the construction of the center, 2 hospitals, 2 hostels and 2 love houses, the Family Health Center and Provincial Health Directorate service building, the health facility, the parking garage and the waste water treatment plant.
In addition, we will share the positive news of the related project in the tender stage of 11 thousand new housing projects and if God grants it soon. However, the construction of the Oral and Dental Health Center is about to be completed. The total investment value of these applications launched in Trabzon is 705 million liras. In addition, Zağnos, Tannery, Pottery, Pelitli Urban Renewal Projects, Hagia Sophia Project, Ortahisar, Pazarkapı, Gülbaharhatun Neighborhoods Urban Renewal Projects and Yomra, Araklı Urban Renewal Projects, Kanuni Boulevard Project and Erdoğdu Road Project. We made our citizens of Trabzon smile. Thus, we contributed to Trabzon's income and employment. ” Minister Bayraktar, railway, logistics center, South Ring Road, second state university are the other projects they are aiming for, meeting that they are not satisfied with what they do, they are questioning what they can do more, but the way of all this is to meet at a common point in Trabzon as power, opposition, non-governmental organizations and business world. He said that.
In trading Silk Road in the historical process of the Eastern Black Sea region is very important functions that it contains as developing processes in today found that the strategic location of Turkey Bayraktar striking carries the distinction of being the gateway to Asia, "We are planning to mobilize this potential in foreign trade in our region in the coming period. Our logistics center project and our railway plan are always for a larger and more modern Trabzon. In order for Trabzon to be exported, production must be first and the wheels must be rotated for production. We do whatever we can to make these wheels run smoothly. ” Minister Bayraktar noted that they were walking to 2023 targets and completed his explanation as follows: “In this exciting and enthusiastic march, Trabzon should do its part and befits him. Trabzon from politicians to athletes with a locomotive of Turkey's human resources is one of the power storage. Its capacity is very high. We need to do better to use this capacity more effectively and efficiently. We also create brand as the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization cities with a parallel approach to Turkey's development, we gayesind urbanism. Because cities are competing in the world just like countries are competing. Cities compete with each other in terms of development and better living conditions. At such a time, we should strive to make our city compete with the cities of the world, as people in duty in Trabzon. By striving, we can give projects the right to be from Trabzon. Our goal is to develop and develop all of Trabzon, to make Trabzon a brand city. To reach Trabzon to the high standards of life it deserves and to equip it from the city center to our villages with our services and works.

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