TCDD's 2013 Year Duty Loss 539 Million TL

TCDD's Duty Loss in 2013 was 539 Million TL: While the total duty loss of State Economic Enterprises (SEE) in the first half of 2013 was 320.9 million TL, the total duty loss was 3 billion 236 million TL.
The Undersecretariat of Treasury announced the duty losses of SEEs as of 30 June 2013. Accordingly, duty loss accrued in the January-June period of 2013 was 320 million 932 thousand TL and the total duty loss was 3 billion 236 million TL. In the first 150 months when the total payments and deductions were 6 million TL, the total duty loss transferred to the next period was 3 billion 86 million TL.
2013 most job losses at June 30, Turkey in Coal Enterprises (TKI) took place. While duty loss accrued as of 30 June was 119 million TL, TKI's total duty loss was 1.7 billion TL. TKI Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) followed. Tcdd's accrued duty loss during the period was 198 million TL, and total duty loss was 539 million TL. The total duty loss of Turkish Grain Board (TMO) was 981 million TL.

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