TCDDden TÜVASAŞ Description

TCDD from TÜVASAŞ Description: Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Ananon Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation he (TÜVASAŞ) has reported that there is any way of interrupting or closing the program. In a written statement made by TCDD, he emphasized that there were news in some media organs regarding the closure of TÜVASAŞ operating in Sakarya and the disruption of the program. In the statement made by TCDD, the following statements were made: “Today, in the local press of Adapazarı, unfounded news about TÜVASAŞ originating from the union has appeared. It is not possible for TÜVASAŞ to be closed in any way or to hinder its program. One of the most important values ​​of Turkey's railway industry, which will continue on the path to self-renew TÜVASAŞ. The allegations made and the allegations made do not reflect the truth.


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