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Marmaray statement by TCDD: TCDD reported that there was a short-term power outage in Marmaray in the morning, but the voyages were not interrupted. It was stated that citizens who pressed the emergency button also caused disruptions.
TCDD reported that the allegations of insufficiency of the control center and electronic systems in Marmaray are untrue.
In a written statement made by TCDD, it was stated that Marmaray, where passenger acceptance started today, is experiencing an extraordinary interest and passenger density. In the statement, it was stated that the train stops from time to time as a result of the "Emergency" buttons of the passengers getting on the train for the first time, and this situation caused disruptions in the timely stops and departures of the trains.
In the statement, which stated that emergency scenarios simulated repeatedly on similar issues were applied, "Marmaray personnel are trained for all kinds of situations and there is no safety risk in the scenarios applied".
Some of the internet sites' allegations are also mentioned in the statement:
“There was a short-term power outage in the morning, but this interruption did not interrupt the trips. The power outage occurred when the train was close to the platform head. There are blue light emergency crossings in the tunnel at intervals of 150 meters. In case similar events occur in the tunnel, our passengers can be taken to the train on the other road. No such event has happened today.
The control center has been set up to control all kinds of electronic systems at 5 currently operating stations. Therefore, the claims about the inadequacy of the command center and electronic systems are unrealistic. "
In the statement, which stated that the trains did not stop at Sirkeci Station in order not to increase the density because the passenger density was higher than expected, it was stated that 9500 locomotives of 2 and 2 emergency response vehicles were available at Kazlıçeşme and Haydarpaşa stations.
In the statement, the passengers were asked not to go and come constantly, taking into account the density, and to use Marmaray according to their needs.
Passengers satisfied
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that there has not been any problem in Marmaray, which was put into service yesterday, and said, “Our passengers are also satisfied with the situation. "There are twice as many passengers as we expect now," he said.
Karaman made examinations at Marmaray's Üsküdar Station, the "Project of the Century", which connects Asia and Europe with a tunnel under the sea and opened with a ceremony held yesterday.
Speaking to the reporters here, Karaman stated that there is a large density in Marmaray at the moment and that this is due to the free travels.
Stating that they cannot determine the exact number of passengers because Marmaray is free of charge, Karaman said, “Citizens do not only go in one direction. It is both going and coming now. Maybe this will continue like this until the citizen gets tired ”he said.
Emphasizing that the entire team is on duty in order to prevent a possible malfunction, Karaman said that they are proud that no one has had a bleeding nose since the beginning of the Marmaray Project.
Karaman, then said that they do not want anyone to experience a negative thing, therefore, with warning announcements said that they provide easy travel to the public.
TCDD General Manager Karaman, because it is very busy to get under control at the station had to close two doors said.
The density will increase if he stops in Sirkeci
When all the doors open, they could not control the control of Karaman, said:
“We will continue to pick up passengers from two gates. However, if the density continues, we can make some restrictions. Because it is not possible for us to increase the number of trains right now. The Sirkeci stop is what caused some speculation. We are passing Sirkeci right now. If it stops there, the density will increase even more. Currently there is no glitch. Our passengers are also satisfied with the situation. Currently, there are twice as many passengers than we expect. We calculated it as a ticket passenger, now you can get on without a ticket. But as railways we are used to this from fast trains. We know the difficulties experienced during free passenger pick up. The solution is easy for him. The interest of our citizens also makes us happy. Even though we've been working on it for so many years, we were excited at the opening. The ownership of the citizens makes us happy.

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