TCDD Legal Consultancy and Attorneyship Examination and Appointment Regulation

TCDD Legal Counsel and Advocacy Examination and Appointment yönetmeliği.türki Republic State Railways General Directorate of Legal Affairs and Attorney Examination and Appointment Regulations.
Official newspaper
Number: 28802
Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways of Business:
Turkish State Railways ADMINISTRATION
Purpose, Scope, Basis and Definitions
ARTICLE 1 - (1) The purpose of this Regulation is to regulate the procedures and principles regarding the appointment and appointment of legal advisors and lawyers to be appointed to the TCDD organization for the first time.
ARTICLE 2 - (1) This Regulation covers those who will be appointed to the positions of legal counselors and lawyers in the TCDD organization.
ARTICLE 3 - (1) This Regulation has been prepared on the basis of the additional 18 of the General Regulations on the Examinations for the Appointments for the First Appointments to the Public Officials which are enacted by the Council of Ministers of 3 / 2002 / 2002.
ARTICLE 4 - (1) In this Regulation;
a) The Directorate General of Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration,
b) Entrance Exam: Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration legal counsel and the attorney's entrance exam,
c) Legal Counsel: Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration of Legal Counsel,
ç) KPSS (B): B Personnel Selection Exam for Group B cadre,
d) KPSSP3: Public Personnel Selection Exam score 3,
e) ÖSYM: Measurement, Selection and Placement Center,
f) Examination Commission: Legal advisor and attorney entrance examination commission,
g) TCDD: Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration,
i) TCDD Organization: Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration of the central and provincial organizations,
Entrance Exam and Evaluation of Applications
Entrance examination
ARTICLE 5 - (1) Those who will be appointed to the positions of legal counselors or lawyers in the TCDD organization are taken according to the success order at the end of the entrance exam, which will be opened by the TCDD according to the position and requirement.
(2) The number of candidates to be invited to the entrance exam cannot be more than five times the maximum number of positions and / or positions planned to be assigned. The candidates who have equal points with the last rank will be called to the exam as a result of the ranking made with the KPSSP3.
Entrance exam announcement
ARTICLE 6 - (1) Conditions for taking the entrance examination, first and last application date, place and form of application, base score of KPSSP3, maximum number of positions or positions planned for appointment, number of those who can take the exam, type of examination, location, time and documents required for application with it determined by other considerations Examination Commission as required and announced by exam date at least one month before the official gazette with Turkey to be published in at least one of the highest in the first five newspaper circulation is published daily in general and to be posted on the bulletin board with TCDD website.
Entrance exam requirements
ARTICLE 7 - (1) In order to apply for the entrance examination;
a) To carry the general conditions stated in the article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,
b) To be graduated from law faculties or higher education institutions whose equivalence is accepted by Higher Education Council,
c) To have received the base score stated in the examination of KPSSP3 score type as stated in the announcement of the deadline,
ç) To have a lawyer's license as of the last day of the application date for the position of lawyer,
conditions are searched.
Documents to be submitted for application
ARTICLE 8 - (1) Candidates who want to take the entrance exam, fill out the application form to be obtained from the Human Resources Department or from the website of TCDD and add the following documents:
a) The original or approved sample of the diploma or graduation certificate (original or certified copy of the diploma equivalence certificate of those who have completed their education abroad).
b) The original or approved copy of the attorney's license.
c) Three passport photos.
ç) Computer output of KPSS (B).
d) Resume.
(2) Documents listed in the first paragraph may be approved by the public institutions or TCDD in the place where the applicant is located, provided that the original is submitted.
Application procedure
ARTICLE 9 - (1) Application to the entrance examination; It can be done personally, by hand or by mail, on the TCDD website, if specified in the ad or in the ad.
(2) The required documents must be submitted to the Human Resources Department by the end of the deadline at the latest. Delays in the mail are not considered.
Examination of applications and acceptance of candidates
ARTICLE 10 - (1) Secretariat services of the entrance examination are carried out by the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department examines the applications made on time and determines whether the conditions required for the candidates are available. Candidates who meet the requirements are subjected to a ranking starting from the candidate who got the highest score in the KPSSP3 score type stated in the announcement and not more than five times the maximum number of positions or positions planned to be appointed. As for the KPSSP3 score type, candidates with the same score as the last score are also invited for the entrance exam. Candidates ranked in the ranking are announced on the TCDD website and on the notice board.
Examination Commission
ARTICLE 11 - (1) Under the chairmanship of the Examination Commission, the General Manager or a Deputy General Manager; It consists of two members to be appointed by the General Manager among the unit supervisors, legal advisors or lawyers, and five permanent members, I. Legal Counsel and Head of the Human Resources Department. In addition, three alternate members are determined by the General Manager among those mentioned in this paragraph and if the principal members cannot attend the Examination Commission for any reason, the substitute members join the Examination Commission in the order of determination.
(2) The examination committee convenes with the total number of members and takes decisions by majority vote. No voting shall be exercised during voting.
(3) Chairman and members of the Examination Commission; they cannot take part in exams, even if they are divorced, with their spouses, second degree (including this degree) blood and relatives or adoptions.
Entrance examination
Form of entrance exam
ARTICLE 12 - (1) The entrance examination is done in two stages, orally orally, orally and in writing only.
Exam subjects
ARTICLE 13 - (1) Exam subjects are:
a) Constitutional Law.
b) Civil Law.
c) Law of Obligations.
ç) Commercial Law.
d) Civil Procedure Law.
e) Execution and Bankruptcy Law.
f) Administrative Law.
g) Administrative Trial Law.
i) Criminal Law.
h) Criminal Procedure Law.
i) Labor Law.
(2) TCDD can also determine additional subjects provided that it is included in the entrance exam announcement.
Written examination
ARTICLE 14 - (1) All or a part of the written exam can be done by the TCDD in the classical method consisting of open-ended questions or in the multiple choice test method, as well as by the ÖSYM or universities by the same methods. In case the written exam is made to ÖSYM or a university, the procedures and principles regarding the exam are determined by the protocol to be made with the relevant institution.
(2) If the written exam is made by TCDD, the exam questions are prepared by the Examination Commission. The exam is signed by the President and members of the Examination Commission, which indicates the questions, scores and the duration of the exam. Duplicated questionnaires are sealed and sealed in envelopes and opened in the presence of candidates in the examination hall. Confidentiality is respected in the preparation, maintenance and evaluation of the questions. The written exam is conducted by the Human Resources Department under the supervision and supervision of the staff assigned for this work and the members of the Examination Commission.
(3) Evaluation of the written exam is done over a hundred full points. In order to be successful in the exam, it is necessary to get at least seventy points.
(4) Those who pass the written exam will be announced on the TCDD website and notice board.
Oral examination
ARTICLE 15 - (1) In the case of a written exam, candidates are invited to the oral exam in the order of success in the written exam, including the candidates who score equal to the last candidate. In case of an oral exam only, candidates are invited to the exam no more than five times the number of positions or positions to be appointed, according to the ranking starting from the candidate with the highest KPSSP3 score. As a result of the ranking made from the candidate with the highest KPSSP3 score, candidates with the same score and candidates with equal scores are also invited to the exam.
(2) The right to take the oral exam kazanThe written exam results of the participants and the place, day and time of the exam are announced on the TCDD website and on the notice board at least twenty days before the oral exam date.
(3) Candidates in oral examination;
a) 13 The level of knowledge related to the written exam subjects mentioned in the third article,
b) Comprehending and summarizing a subject, ability to express and reasoning power,
c) Qualification, representation ability, suitability of behavior and reactions to the profession,
ç) Self-confidence, persuasiveness and credibility,
d) General ability and general culture,
e) Openness to scientific and technological developments,
The points are evaluated separately.
(4) Candidates are assessed by the Examination Commission for fifty points for the subparagraph (a) of the third paragraph, and for each of the features written in (b) to (e), and the scores given are recorded separately.
(5) Results; The results of each examination commission shall be indicated on the results of oral exams as a single average score provided that the notes given on one hundred full points are stated separately.
(6) In order to be considered successful in the oral exam, the arithmetical average of the points given by the chairman and the members of the commission on one hundred full points must be at least seventy.
Evaluation and announcement of the entrance exam
ARTICLE 16 - (1) Examination Commission, the written and oral examination of the entrance exam in writing if the average of the written and oral exam grades, only if the exam is made orally, the highest score in the oral exam starting from the candidate determines the success score and makes the final success ranking. Success ranking is determined to start from the highest grade field. In case the exam scores are equal, the candidate with a high KPSSP3 score is given priority. As a result of this ranking, the candidate shall be determined not to exceed the number of positions and positions specified in the announcement and the substitute candidate shall not exceed half of the number of positions or positions specified in the announcement.
(2) The results of the entrance exam are announced on the TCDD website and on the notice board. Also, the exam is kazanWritten notification is made to the candidates at the moment of appointment and to the alternate candidates whose appointment is due. The reserve candidate list to be created in order of success is valid for six months from the announcement of the exam results. In case of vacancies in the appointed staff or positions within this period, the substitutes are appointed in order of success.
(3) The documents related to the examination of the assignments, the relevant files in the relevant files; Those who fail, but who cannot be appointed for any reason despite their success, are kept by the Department of Human Resources until the next examination, provided they are not less than the time for filing a lawsuit.
Appeal to the exam result
ARTICLE 17 - (1) Candidates may object to the exam results in writing within ten days from the date of the announcement of the exam results. The objections shall be evaluated and finalized by the Examination Commission within seven working days at the latest and notified to the concerned parties in writing.
Miscellaneous and Final Provisions
Assignment operations
ARTICLE 18 - (1) In the period specified in the notification to be made to the ones who succeeded as a result of the entrance examination;
a) In case of receipt of applications electronically, a certificate of diploma or graduation and a certified copy of the attorney's license,
b) A written statement of the absence of military service by male candidates,
c) Written statement that it has no obstacle to doing its job in terms of health,
ç) Written statement of the criminal record,
d) 4 pieces of passport photograph,
e) Declaration of goods,
TCDD assigns to legal counsel staff and attorney positions by TCDD upon written application.
(2) Assignments of those who do not submit the required documents within the deadline shall not be made.
ARTICLE 19 – (1) Entrance exam kazanThe exam results of those who are found to have made false statements or given documents in the exam application form will be deemed invalid and their appointments will not be made. Even if their assignments have been made, they will be cancelled. They cannot claim any rights.
(2) Criminal complaints are made to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor about those who are found to have misrepresented or given documents.
ARTICLE 20 - (1) Information about those who are successful in the entrance examination and appointed is notified to the State Personnel Presidency within thirty days via the e-application system.
Circumstances without provision in the regulation
ARTICLE 21 - (1) In cases where there is no provision in this Regulation, the provisions of the General Regulations on Examinations for the Appointments for Civil Servants 657 No.
ARTICLE 22 - (1) This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
ARTICLE 23 - (1) The provisions of this Regulation shall be enforced by the Republic of Turkey State Railways General Manager.

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