Tata Steel to supply rail for British rail network for five years

Tata Steel will supply rail for the UK rail network for five years: Tata Steel has announced that it will supply rail rail and steel sleepers for at least five years for the UK rail network Network Rail. Thus, it is stated that Network Rail will meet 2019% of its rail needs by Tata Steel until 95, and the supply contract can be extended until 2024.
It is stated that Tata Steel can supply over 1 million mt of railways for passenger and freight trains within the scope of the contract in question.
In a statement from Tata Steel, it has been stated that Tata Steel has invested £ 2000 million in Scunthorpe rail production facilities since 216 to produce 160 meters long rails. In addition to this investment, Tata Steel also made changes in production logistics to handle new long rails demanded by customers such as Netwok Rail.
Supply to Network Rail will account for approximately 5% of annual steel production at Tata Steel's Scunthorpe plant.

Source : www.steelorbis.com.t is


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