Tata Steel commissions heat treatment line for rail production

Tata Steel commissions heat treatment line for rail production: India-based global steel producer Tata Steel has announced the commissioning of the new heat treatment line at the Hayange plant in the Lorraine region of France. Train rails that will last three times longer than standard rails will be produced on the line in question.
It is stated that the new heat treatment line will operate together with the existing heat treatment line that produces rails up to 36 meters at the Hayange plant. The new mill will increase annual heat-treated rail production from 55.000 mt to 125.000 mt. The steel to be used in the Hayange plant will be produced at Tata Steel's Scunthorpe facility in England and sent to France for rolling.
In the statement made by Tata Steel, it was stated that the new plant will provide heat treated rail supply reaching 108 meters in length and will allow the costs of rail replacement to be reduced.
As SteelOrbis previously reported, in July 2012, Tata Steel announced it would invest more than € 12 million in technology to produce longer anti-wear rails at its steel production facility in France.

Source : www.steelorbis.com.t is

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