Taner Yıldız I don't get on a plane when high-speed trains start

Taner Yıldız I don't get on the plane when high-speed trains start. Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train comes on board
dependent on foreign oil and natural gas in Turkey, will launch a mobilization of savings in 2014. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz pointed out the importance of public transport in terms of saving. 63 billion dollars a year reminding that Turkey's energy use is sourced transportation of 33-35 billion dollars, Minister of Stars, "the cost of electricity per capita in the high-speed train up to 2.5 Turkish Lira. When the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train comes in, I go by train, not by plane. If the citizen goes by car with a subway, he / she should know that it will increase imports. The level of prosperity should not be compromised, but the cost of the country should also be known Ref. Energy Efficiency in the Medium Term Program (OVP) voicing Stars, housing insulation of those who want to make a portion of the loan interest rates will cover the public reported. Stars, on a question said they would search for oil in Afghanistan, "Turkey Petroleum Corporation last week as we made a good deal. Together with our partners, we signed an agreement with 150 million dollars in two blocks of oil exploration. This agreement was approved by the Afghanistan government. Afganistan

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