To reach these stops, you have to take the danger

To reach these stops, it is necessary to take the danger: traffic signs, barriers or overpasses on some routes with metrobus and tram stops cause passengers to experience danger.
Akıncılar / Soğanlı tram stop; Pedestrians are interfering directly with traffic at the entrances and entrances of the Zincirlikuyu and Uzunçayır metrobus stops.
Millions of people use public transportation systems every day in Istanbul. There are not enough arrangements for the safety of pedestrians in some entrances and exits of metro, metrobus, tram and bus stops. At some points, passengers face problems that threaten their safety. The lack of traffic signs, barriers, or overpasses on some routes with metrobus and tram stops gives life-threatening lives to citizens. Akıncılar, Soğanlı tram stop; Like the Zincirlikuyu, Uzunçayır metrobus stop, the pedestrians are interfering with the traffic. The road problem in some school exits and stops is a great danger for students.
Turkey President of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents Hitay Guner, "Metrobus and tram to take into account the issue of enterprise, citizen afflict situations correct in that stall, I need to make appropriate traffic infrastructure." He said.
Uzunçayır metrobus stop forms one of the distressed stops. Passengers descending at Uzunçayır stop must use the 15 subway underpass to go to Ünalan. However, passengers can pass 3 minutes using the passageway where water pipes from the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) are located. This passage, which is used very intensively, contains many dangers for passengers. There was a lot of theft and extortion in the gate, where it was almost impossible to go alone late. 2-3 Tolunay Duman says that there is no light years ago. Emre Baydur says that the tinercisers took part in the entrance and exit of the parade in the evening and forced money from the arrivals.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that overpass work is being done in the region. On the way from Kartal to Uzunçayır metrobus stop, there is no traffic sign for pedestrians and drivers on the way to the Bosphorus Bridge. Pedestrians are trying to move to Uzunçayır from among the fast-moving vehicles. The residents of the region, Nurettin Arslan, expressing that the road is dangerous, "solution or bridge or tunnel should be done." He says. Metropolitan Municipality officials, the Directorate of Transport Coordination of the pedestrian underpass work on this issue, the traffic sign will be eliminated in the missing information about the information.
Kabataş-Bagcılar tram line Güngören, Akıncılar, Soğanlı stops also cause problems for pedestrians to cross the road and reach the tram. The situation in Akıncılar tramway is completely threatening the life safety of pedestrians. The absence of barriers at the tram stop causes citizens to enter the direct traffic flow. The fact that cars and trams share the same road leads to delays in tramway.
Altunizade metrobus stop on the way to Üsküdar overpass in the night illumination problem is experienced. In addition, there is no regulation to facilitate the transition for people with disabilities. It is a very dangerous situation especially for the female passengers. Güldane Köksal (40), who uses the overpass for the first time, says she was calling her husband to accompany him because it was dark. Meryem Ata (53) also said that 1 has been using the overpass for years and this problem has not been solved.

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