Housing Sales Stopped Because of Marmaray


While the Marmaray project, which will be inaugurated on October 29, is expected to increase property prices in a wide area, citizens who own property on the route of the project have stopped their housing sales in anticipation of a price increase.

29 The Marmaray project, which will be commissioned in October, is expected to be a factor that will affect real estate prices and rents in a wide range of areas, while for the first time between Europe and Asia.

According to EVA Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Cansel Turgut Yazici, who underlined the developments in the real estate market together with the Marmaray project, the Marmaray project is a special feature of the 'Bosphorus crossing' between Kazlıçeşme-Yenikapı-Üsküdar-Sirkeci-İbrahimağa. Considering that the Bosphorus crossing and the suburban lines are connected, the historical core of Istanbul will further reinforce the identity of being the 'center'. Yazıcı stated that the Yenikapı-Sirkeci-Üsküdar line has nodes in terms of rail system and maritime connections.

Printer, especially real estate prices in these points will be more movement compared to the environment, stating, "in the center of Üsküdar in the center of the station, the maximum 10 to 15 minutes away from the station exit property owners began to wait rental homes." He said.
Sirkeci-Yenikapı region within the boundaries of the historical peninsula because of the limited land in the region already explaining the printer, "New housing or branded housing is a rare area. The nearest branded houses are located in the Yedikule-Zeytinburnu-Bakırköy line. Due to the proximity to Kazlıçeşme station, an increase is expected in these regions. Kaz
There will be a periodic increase

29 In October 2013, the stations between Kazlıçeşme and İbrahimağa, known as the 'Bosphorus crossing' stage of Marmaray, will be activated. Integration of these stations with other regions will be ensured, and all targeted connections until 2016 will be completed. Therefore, according to Yazıcı, real estate activity of the regions will be different in the period.

In the first stage of the stations mentioned in the region around the throat transition region is expected to increase in units per square meter Printer, birim At the moment in the branded housing in the branded housing in luxury housing with quite luxury branded housing in the area of ​​the general range of 5 thousand and 7 thousand 500 thousand TL varies between pounds, ta he said.

According to Yazıcı, the housing market in this region is not expected to react in the first place, since there are no residential areas between Yenikapı and Sirkeci, which is one of the regions where the project is directly connected, and there are limited housing conditions in the historical peninsula. However, he stated that there will be an absolute increase in the rental prices of the old business inns in Sirkeci and its surroundings and the shops on the street.

The printer said:

It will become a transfer center

Acak As a result, the Sirkeci-Yenikapı region, which will become a very accessible area from many points, will play a very important role in the transfer center of Istanbul within a few years.
A person who will be traveling by rail between two sides will have to visit the Yenikapı, Sirkeci or Üsküdar stations regardless of the point of commencement. Iki

It will integrate with other investments

Stating that the Istanbul Strait Tire Wheeled Tunnel (Kazlıçesme - Göztepe Junction) project, known as the Eurasia tunnel, will be completed by 2015, when Marmaray will be completely finished, Yazıcı said:

T Travel time between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe will be considerably shorter. These regions where Marmaray stations are located, will thus stand out as advantageous regions in terms of both vehicle and public transport. In addition, Üsküdar Square will undergo a major transformation with the Marmaray Project and the transportation focus of Üsküdar will be strengthened with the completion of the Marmaray station. Un

Reminding that the Üsküdar station of Marmaray will connect with the Üsküdar-Ümraniye subway and reach to Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe, Yazıcı stated that the project will be launched in 2016 and the metro-based mobility will be experienced in Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe region.

10-15 increase at least percent of rents

Marmaray project will affect the Üsküdar real estate rental housing will be more expressing that the printer, currently in the center area of ​​housing rental problems in the presence of housing, the reason why the owners wait for the project and the emergence of universities, the emergence of housing needs, he said.

Devre The rent of an apartment in Xnumx, 100-900 pounds in the central area of ​​Üsküdar, X says Yazıcı, bir Even when the landscape element is activated, rents can pass 1.500 thousand liras. However, the property owners waiting for the Marmaray project to be put into service are expected to accumulate demands and act in line with the demands. Bun

The printer, a long time waiting for the real estate market to move the owners of rent prices at least 10 to 15 will increase between the percent said.

82 renews its annual Park Hotel to 300 million $

Park Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel, which was rebuilt by CVK Group on the land of the historical Park Hotel in Taksim, Gümüşsuyu, has opened its doors.

Park Bosphorus Istanbul consists of 50 and 160 60 1 + 1 and 5 + 1 618 rooms.

The most important investments in the field of tourism Park Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel, completing the construction of the Turkish tourism in the happiness of serving the happiness of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Gülşah Çevik, Park Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel, the center of the city of Taksim Gümüşsuyu, marking the era of the famous Park Hotel ' recalled that the rises on the foundations.

Çevik said, ük As CVK Group, we have transformed a structure that has been dormant for years, into a luxury structure that is compatible with the historical fabric of Istanbul, with a million dollar investment.

'We created employment'

Park Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel and Park Hotel will continue to live the spirit of the expressing Agile, atıl Our historical and cultural wealth will be moved to the present. Park Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel, reinterpreting the concept of 'Delux Hotel', which represents the highest level of service quality in hotel management, brings a different perspective to the understanding of hotel with the highest number of servants, special VIP services, exclusive service quality. Park Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel by providing employment for the 560 people, are also contributing to the sector greatly. Park

4.500 m2 terrace

Park Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel, 137 thousand square meters of land on the 4 500 square meters of terraces, food and beverage sections prepared in different concept 6, 8 thousand 500 square meters of spa, wellness and fitness center and hotel service quality symbolizes the highest limit of the 'Delux Hotel' will serve in the class. .

The 4 bin 500 square is a remarkable project with a terraced area.
Park Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel was built in 2011 in CVK Tourism Group.

Sarp Group is doing projects in four branches

project work Sarp Group, one of Turkey's leading construction companies continues apace. Accordingly, the company's Gebze project in life, Eskişehir and Samsun projects will be made to accept temporary admission.

Sarp Group, which has signed multiple projects with a total of 5 bin dwellings, continues the construction of the Sarphan Finans Park project, which was built at the very heart of the Istanbul Financial Center.

2 in Gebze. Life has started in the project consisting of 26 blocks and 818 apartments in Etap Emlak Konutları and infrastructure and landscaping construction.

Second project in Samsun

Temporary acceptances of Eskişehir and Samsun / Canik Projects which are one of the housing projects of the company are about to be made. Sarp Group's construction in Diyarbakir Uckuyular continues at full speed. 90 percent of the project is completed. The provisional assumptions of the project will be made in 2013.

The company also continues to lay the groundwork for the preparation of the second project in Samsun.

Bulvar Istanbul project 31 will be available in October

Bulvar Istanbul project, rising in Başakşehir Ayazma, will be on sale on 31 October. The project is the 3rd Stage Tender of Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Trust in Başakşehir – Ayazma. kazanAn Özülke – Özkar Joint Venture will be realized.

The most ambitious housing project of the region, which is aimed to be the most ambitious housing project of the region, will be held at Çırağan Palace on Thursday at 31 October 2013. The General Manager Mr. Murat Kurum, Özülke - Özkar Joint Venture Board Members Mr. Bilal Aydoğan and Mr. Fatih Özcan will attend.

Preliminary sales continue with 50 downtimes

West Side Istanbul, which will be built under the partnership of Uzman İnşaat, Beyaz İnşaat, Mes Turkuaz and Mes Group of Companies in Şahinler Holding's Beylikdüzü area, will be showcased in November at 7.
West Side Istanbul, which can be a home owner with a bank loan payment, is currently in pre-sale stage. 30 + 1 to 0 + 4 is available in West Side Istanbul. In the project which is composed of 1 housing, 1.152 of the housing price is prepaid and the remaining 50 part is offered for installment without any interest until 50 month.
To deliver Pendik's auto shopping mall in December

Pendik's first auto shopping center, the Auto World Asia project, has come to an end.

The project, which was realized in partnership with Has Group of Companies and Evra Group, will be delivered on December 2014.

The sales area of ​​the project is 95 thousand square meters. The land area of ​​22 is a thousand square meters in the Auto World Asia project with 130 square meters and 600 square meters ranging from shops. Out of the shops, many options such as cafes, restaurants and shops are offered in the Auto World Asia project, whose investment value is 170 million pounds.

5 sells housing in Çekmeköy with a down payment

The Tilia project implemented by Sur Yapı in Çekmeköy continues the sales of the final apartments. 1 + 1 and 4 + 1 housing units ranging from the project, 1 + 1 dwellings 55-59 square meters, 2 + 1 apartments range between 88-120 square meters. The 5 12 24 36 10 3 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The remaining amount is completed with a bank loan.
In the project, the bank credits are discounted by 10. The project also includes social facilities and a total of 4 blocks.

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