Minister Yıldırım received the third airport EIA report before a tender

Minister Yıldırım ”The third airport EIA report was received before the tender” Minister Yıldırım stated that the claims that no EIA report was received in the third airport tender was also unrealistic. Stating that they have received the EIA report before the tender for the third airport, Yıldırım said, “There is no such thing as exempt from EIA. Exemption from EIA Istanbul İzmir highway. Since they have been investing since 90, there was no EIA law at that time. He is exempt, but despite them, they have also partially received EIA. ”
The third airport about the completion of the project on the subject to them that the presentation will be expressed Yıldırım, said:
“They will start work after we get this from us. All kinds of procedures related to the conclusion of this interim contract have been completed. There is only one remaining operation and it is starting a company. Bids were previously submitted, a consortium was created. Contract negotiations were made with them and reconciled, but they have a one-month period. They will bring a final and new company to us. We are waiting for that company and after that, delivery and works will start. There are expropriation and available stoves. There are objections to those quarries (we have rights because we ended our activity here). If those objections are not turned into a legal process, we can start working in a few months.

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