Sarajevo tramway and trolley bus disconnected

The electricity of the tram and trolleybus was cut off in Sarajevo: When the electricity of the public transport company (GRAS), which owed 1,5 million Euros to the electricity administration in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was cut off, the tram and trolleybus lines stopped.
Union president Andan Himzaniya, who represents workers at the transport company, blamed the Sarajevo Canton administration on the issue. Stating that Yusuf Bubitsa, the transport minister of the canton, could not provide the necessary resources, Himzaniya said, “We do not have electricity right now, we will soon run out of gas. This is a deliberate attack aimed at the closure of the GRAS company. ” said.
Minister Bubitsa stated that the electricity administration had previously restructured the debts, but they could not pay the accumulated debt. Bubitsa said, “We received a written warning before the administration, then our electricity was cut off. We will take care of the situation. " said.
It was stated that the electricity administration will give energy for a short time to pull the trams to the stops, and if the 200 thousand Euros of the debt is paid, the energy transfer will continue.

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