Restoration work of the halls started

The restoration work of the hangars has started: The works of TCDD Hangar Buildings, Surveying, Restitution and Restoration works have been started to be awarded to the contractor firm by Nazilli Municipality Science Affairs Directorate.
Considering many reasons such as the fact that some products grown in Nazilli constitute an important place in the production of the country, and many agricultural products grown in Nazilli are natural and organic, but there is no place where these products are promoted or sold continuously, Nazilli District Governorship Union for Bringing Service to Villages It was rented by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, 524 block, 1 parcel, to be used for the promotion of local products produced in the district, exhibition space and similar purposes with the Culture and Art Center of the building, which is located in the north east part of the immovable property registered in the name of TCDD General Directorate.
However, upon the amendment of the Regulation on the Protection of Immovable Cultural Property dated 8 November 2012 and numbered 28461, the Union for the Service to Villages ceased to benefit from this opportunity, a 60% grant from the Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board for the implementation of the Nazilli Hangar Buildings Cultural Center Project It was decided to implement the project jointly with the District Governorship and Nazilli Municipality in 2013.
Nazilli Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, within the Nazilli Station Field, between km: 175 + 556-630, at the end of the line and registered at the title deed on island 524, parcel no. 1 m8940 and an open area with a surface area of ​​2 m1054 After the implementation of the survey, restitution, restoration and landscaping projects was permitted by the High Council for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Wealth, Nazilli Municipality included TCDD Hangar Buildings Survey, Restitution and Restoration in the 2 investment program. According to the program, the repair and maintenance of the numbering areas on the existing streets and streets were determined in the 2013 allowance.
Nazilli Municipality Science Works Directorate contractor firm TCDD Hangar buildings tender, Restitution and Restoration work was started. The restoration work will be carried out on two 2200 square meters of two hangars which will be evaluated as Cultural Center. The 250 restaurant will be located in the square, the 230 square meter exhibition area and the 170 square meters will be considered as a multi-purpose hall. Nazilli Municipality will also accommodate seating groups for the public to sit and rest.
Making a statement about the Hangar that will be turned into a Cultural Center, Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alicek said that he is very pleased with the evaluation of the empty and unusable hangars, and told Nazilli District Governor Mehmet Okur about his work and this area in Nazilli. kazanThank you for the effort you put into getting it done. President Alicik, who mentioned the importance of these areas for Nazilli, which will host the promotion and display of local products and handicrafts, said, "Some of the products grown in our district have an important place in the production of the country, and many agricultural products grown in our district are natural and organic, but this is not the case. We could not fully introduce Nazilli due to the lack of a place where the products are promoted or constantly sold. But now, with this project implemented in hangars, a very beautiful image will emerge and it will be the visible face of Nazilli.”

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